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I appreciate the stories, it’s too bad about that other young person who died. I also appreciate him as a musician who has the same issues as me. I approach my Anxiety Differently, knowing my chemical imbalances… I prefer to be Sober. I have to take care of myself. I’m actually about to switch from an injectible Abilify to by “Lithium” pills. I hope that this will impact my life differently. I am about 200 pounds over my own original weight and build. I get feeling mortal about stuff. Michael and I are literally the same thoughts as we imagine ourselves being “Immortal” or as vampires. Me? I think the metaphor is nice, but we’re smart enough to realize that it’s fleeting. Rock on Michael Vampire!


I love the mindset of your approach…being sober isn’t just about combatting an issue, it’s about “taking care of yourself” at its core. That kind of shift, instead of what you’re AGAINST (ie anxiety) to what you’re FOR (caring for yourself) is very powerful. I’m curious how you see yourself growing in caring for yourself over time - what new ways do you see yourself living this out lately?

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From: eloquentpetrichor

Thank you for sharing this with us! You have a unique outlook on your anxiety and I think that is so cool. I’m glad that you are brave enough to change your medicine hoping for better outcomes. I wish you all the luck in the world as you move forward on your journey. :hrtlegolove:

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From: twixremix

thank you for sharing your mindset about how you approach your anxiety! your preference to be sober allows you to truly care for yourself and feel everything. although life is a fleeting thing, each moment we live is an invaluable treasure. wishing you all the best as you try new treatment plans with your medication! love, twix

From: Manni XP

Thank you for sharing with us.
I want to commend you for paying attention to your body and mind - and choosing sobriety.
We’ll root for you over here! Please feel welcome to keep us updated on your journey.

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From: Mystrose

It definitely helps a ton being sober when you suffer from anxiety and chemical imbalances. I’ve struggled a lot of my life with addiction and I’ve been sober for almost 5 months now. It really helps to have a clear head and it’s really awesome not to have to suffer with all the complications of being addicted to something. So, I’m really proud of you for choosing to be sober, that’s really awesome!

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Hey friend,

Choosing yourself over substances sounds like a small choice, but it is so, so big. Choosing sobriety is just a choice of what you aren’t doing, but is such a choice of what you ARE doing. You are choosing yourself, your life, and applying all the energy and will that goes along with it. Rock on, friend. You got this, and I am with you 1000% of the way. Please come back and share your stories with us, if you’d like.

You got this.

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From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend congrats on your sobriety, Im really pleased that you are taking care of yourself esp as you are on meds for your medical status, its rare any medication performs well along side alcohol or other drugs so you are doing an awesome job. Keep doing what you are doing. Proud of you. best wishes. Lisa x

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It sounds like you feel very aligned with your decisions, and there’s nothing more powerful than this when it comes to healing. Sobriety is a strong decision and we’re all so very proud of you for choosing what is healthy and right for you. You truly deserve to live the life you desire AND meet yourself at a high level of care. Being subjected to what haunts you, over and over, isn’t worth it. From a pal living with anxiety to another, you have my entire support.