I been repeating my mistakes

Yesterday, I post on intragram that wanted to die, I something I feel I need let it out or I do look for pity from girls like. It side of me I dont want to amdit. Also, lately I been wanting to push away from my friends, for own selfishness. Another day, my friend was kinda being bitchy. He kept getting mad while driving, he keep saying that he never going get girl and that he dosent want to travel. Hanging out him sometime is drag and drain my good energy. Im have been reading my book where, My esipodes get influnce by my surrouding, So then it build up and I lose my shit. Its sucks, I do understand where my friend and he is an great person, I know he dealing with alot. But it not helping me getting better. I know he will has my back and that I have his back too. In additions, my family member cause my esipodes, because they alway up my ass about everything. I know mean well too, but every one thing I do wrong they have point and treat im self center child. Overall, its suck I feel people I love and care, are causing my anxiety. I been trying to get better, I feel people are holding me back, it gotten to point I want to push everyone away and be alone.

Hi, friend. I’m sorry you’re having a hard time.

I can certainly relate to people draining good energy. I have chosen to only hang out with people that promote good energy because it’s too hard for me to be around negativity. It’s okay if someone is struggled but I definitely don’t like being around someone who complains and is a downer all of the time, as it drags me down too.

So I can understand how that would be frustrating.

We have to surround ourselves by people who promote healthy energy. Uplift us and help us feel better. Like you said, we are influenced by those we surround ourselves with so it’s better to just surround ourselves with a healthy social circle.

I’m sorry your family is making you feel anxious. Can you talk to your parents or maybe a therapist to help you get through these anxious feelings?

I hope it gets better for you. So much love to you!!

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