I both looked forward to and dreaded you getting t

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I both looked forward to and dreaded you getting to this one. But you made me cry when you said you wanted to give those of us who’ve been in Violet’s shoes a hug. It’s a lot of weight to carry around and something that, although I know intellectually isn’t anything I could have prevented, still feels so embarrassing and humiliating. It’s been 11 years, and the night terrors just never go away. Thanks for your genuine kindness and empathy…it’s more appreciated than you realize. :people_hugging:

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Hi @HeartSupport_Fans,

Night terrors sound kind of scary and I hope are you okay. There are embarrassing moments in our lives. We might feel shameful doing it but it’s not the end of the world. Those moments help us learn to not repeat that experience. The best thing you can is to accept the moment in the past and move forward. It will take many years to overcome those night terrors. I’m just curious about one thing. Are you seeing a health professional for night terror? No pressure on you. It’s your choice. You aren’t alone fighting something difficult. HeartSupport and I are here to support the best we can.