I can listen to my favorite album again

After 6 long YEARS I can finally say without a doubt I can listen to this @dashboardconfessional album again without a bad mindset. After talking to my dad recently and talking out about my parents divorce. many albums are good again. Like this one. Ironically this was one of the “gateway” emo band that got me into rock and metal in general. Also the album title generally (in my opinion of) reminds me of the feeling that I sorta to some extent don’t have anymore. Which is having direction of my life. It’s not like I go with whatever life takes me and their is no sturdy structure but I do have some what of a loose track im following. The name “the places I come to hate the most” what I thought insinuated the fact that I’m or the person this album is for is with no purpose and I have no sense of wanting change but change is great it’s what makes us human. But I don’t hate change. So I feel now that’s not what these albums are for anymore. They are not for that stereotypical wallowing in the emotional bullshit. What they are for is to remember the good times cuz they aren’t gonna be there forever. Whatever you believe that is positive should matter. Because the fact is again everyone ends up six feet under. So all I’m saying is don’t let something be ruined by your own fears and worries if you can, and if you can’t just come back to it. I know some of you might not see that right now but it’s true and positive stuff will come to your world even if it takes 6 years like me. Thx to dashboardconfessional and heartsupport :-):wilted_flower:


Healing does take time. I’m so happy you found some peace.


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Keep moving forward, comrade. That is all we know.