I can never close to other person again

It been hard trying to deal with these intense emotions. They go up and down constantly, I can’t stop thinking about her everyday. She was the center of my life, one main reason to be alive. But ever since she push me away from her life, part me want to hurt her so bad cause I love her so much. All nice things she said, I scare to believe because they might have been lies. I’m been so suicidal because of her, I want to go into her work place, cut my wrist in front of everyone there and say to her look what have you done. Maybe she might feel alittle sorry or pretent to be.

I can’t never get close to another woman again, they just hurt me. Everything I get close to them, they either try to control me or just use me. Even the control freaks are the one that love me, but I hate the fact try manage everything detail about my life or tell what friends who to hang out with.

My guy friends just tell me to lower my standards, hook up with ugly chick to lose my virginity. They want me to lower my values, use someone put through the same pain that I’m going through. I did that one to a close friend, a person that truly love me, but I lie to her cause I wanted a girlfriend. But I end up breaking her heart, I guess now it karma paying back my mistakes.

I just feel like shit ether ways, I feel like asshole not dating people I’m not attracted to and I feel loser to people that don’t want anything to do with me.


Hi Friend,
thank you for reaching out with your struggles.
a heartbreak like this, brings up raw emotions. that opens a wound that need time to heal.
how you deal with all of this, is who you are. how you react is what you are.
treat people, how you want to be treated.

how people treat you, is their karma, how you react, is yours !

never use somebody for selfish reasons. playing with someones emotions can hurt more than everything
else. what happened can not be undo, but what will be, is in your own hands.
let go of the past, its everytime easier said then done. we all know that, we all have experienced pain,
hurt, loss and more. also a heartbreak. give yourself time and do not push yourself to something that you
don’t like to do, or something you don’t want.
will you be happy, getting something only by lowering values ?
would you like to see someone, going through the pain you are experiencing right now ?
i would not. that’s why i am here. i hope that i can help someone, maybe you with some kind words.
when someone has hurted you, they will regret that even more, when they see you suceed, see you
overcome, see you happy. without them. they will realize they maybe did something wrong.
give yourself time to heal, give yourself some self care and reflect all of that. don’t take actions when raw
emotions are controlling you. you will regret that. reflect on the past, enjoy the present and from now on,
you will move on. you will progress. take small, but important steps. remind yourself. once at a time,
and everything will come to pieces. you are stronger that you realize, get rid of bad habits and emotions.
hate or hurt will never heal yourself. love and care will. life will.
feel loved my friend, and hugged.

It took me a long time to get over my last favorite person 3yrs ago, too. It takes time, but I promise that the obsessive thoughts will start to fade after awhile. Keep working on your DBT skills and talking to your therapist about this.

Just be good to yourself and remember that you haven’t met all the people that will love you yet. Don’t give up on people ok?