I can never do anything right

I was just trying to run up to the convient store up the street I had no idea the wheather was still bad but I should have known.

I ended up losing control over my sister’s car because of the ice was causing the car to slide towards some random person’s car I ended up hitting it. My dad is angry, everything is my fault, the lady called the police invovled, I got a ticket because my sister’s car didn’t have any insurance and I have a court date in march which I hate to go to because I hate the judge with a fucking passion.

I am always fucking things up. I wish I was dead


Hi @BlackCatAnnie!

Take this from someone living in a country with at least six months a year with icy roads and snow, it’s very hard driving in! People constantly bump into each other, drive off the road or spins around for a bit. People, just like me born and raised in these conditions and have been driving in them for 10, 20, 30, 40+ years!

Icy roads are very tricky and if you’re hitting a patch of shiny ice there’s almost nothing you can do. The tires lose grip, you can’t break and you can’t steer.

It was an accident and not your fault at all, I know getting a ticket and getting the police involved is tough. But it’s actually however small an accident required by law to do so (for insurance purposes etc.). So don’t feel bad about it, it’s no biggie for the police.

Regarding your father perhaps he’s mainly upset because he’s actually worried about you and angry relief over that you didn’t get hurt. Sometimes expressing anger instead of fear is easier, I’m sure he will calm down soon.

Don’t beat yourself up over something that was clearly an accident, not a serious one, and caused by something even the best of drivers can end up doing on icy roads. :slight_smile:

Take care!

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