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I can never do what i want


I feel im always to poor or have too anxirty to travel, i came form a working class family and we did not have alot of money. Its a bummer becuase never got to travel anywhere outside new england, I didnt even got to new york state till i was 21, my parent to this day,never let me travel and it really get me depressed, im 28 years where i have friends that got to see the world and all of america, thanks god i did that trip to new orleans in college, becuase i would never be able to see the south, people keep telling it not a big deal and you just dont understand, it like any other place, I hate hear that shit. I feel me seeing the world would make me a better person and but it never go to happen.



I’m sorry you are not doing well. Traveling and seeing different places of the world sounds cool. Have you plan to save money? How can you make it happen? It takes time and a lot of patience to make those plans happen. What I can advise you is start small. Save a small amount of money, and soon, you have enough to travel where you want to go. I am not an expert on finances. I am still learning of how to do so. I hope you will do fine. Thank you for sharing. Goodnight.


@Seimiccoyne, like @AVJR said, start small.
I suggest writing out a plan. Save money until you feel comfortable, pick some places to visit for this first trip, and decide how long and what you’re going to see there. Maybe ask a trusted friend if they’d like to take this trip with you. That way you can also split the cost with them. Plan to have an achievable amount of money saved by the end of this month, or this week, or whatever time period. Have patience and hope, ok? :slight_smile:
We believe in you. You can do this.