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I can relate! 15 years of living hell on i.v. Drugs u name it I’ve done it in some way. But heroin, fentanyl, coke, crystal were my main. I hate living that way but in my eyes there was no way out. Until finally I just was beaten down, broken, alone, n in a dark place. I’m 2 years sober. N I will never look back. Thx Spencer for opening up. Keep pushing forward don’t look back!


This is amazing. It’s like living a life you never thought possible for yourself again - it’s kind of like “pinch me” moments every day. Sobriety is like getting a second chance on life. Especially when you’d been stuck for so long and had given up on hope of your life ever getting better. “Sobriety” felt like this magical unicorn that some people get, and you just don’t. But then it happened for you - what a blessing. So thankful that your life got this turn. What’s one of the things you’ve appreciated most about being sober?

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I am WILDLY proud of you for 2 years sober! That is amazing!!! I hope that you’re also ridiculously proud of yourself for overcoming your past. You are incredible!

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I think that it is really awesome that you yourself are out here sharing your story! 15 years of bad habits is hard to correct even for a day, two years is incredible, and I’m glad to see you trying to live your best life! Keep up the good fight of growing and sharing!

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