I can relate to this song but instead of booze and

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i can relate to this song but instead of booze and drugs is has been food for me, it was only once i got on the carnivore way of eating have i improved i have gone from 24 st to 19 st but even now getting myself to exercise is a struggle to keep myself on the path of losing weight as most of the time i don’t feel the drive to do what i need to and feel like giving up as the doubt for the future improving is real and feel as at 35 i have lost my chance at a fulfilling life even tho i know it’s possible

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It’s really hard to change our habits, especially when it’s about things that pertain to our well-being. Things that know rationally are good for us but might feel like a chore to do once we decide to do it. There is no doubt that you have mustered a lot of efforts and energy into your physical well-being and this weight loss. Truth be told, you’ve already reached some major milestones and have created a significant change in your life - not just on the scale, but also by the very fact that you are taking steps that are all about taking care of yourself and building a future that you aspire to get.

I understand how discouraging it can be though to stay on a path that you know is right for you. To me personally, whenever I try to implement things that are good for me in my life - like exercising regularly -, I am always met with SO MUCH resistance within. It’s like there are parts of me that are actively working towards sabotaging myself all the time. So not only there’s just the difficulty of the task itself and building it into a habit, but there’s also all the narratives in me that get re-activated whenever I try to take care of myself. I don’t know if you resonate with this yourself, but I guess by sharing this my point is to express how much you’re not alone in this struggle, that your experiences right there don’t make you a failure either. When it comes to well-being, we can start to face so much resistance inside of ourselves because of the way we’ve been used to think about ourselves or even perceive our worth. It’s hard to pursue something that is right for us when very deep inside we might feel like we’re not worth it. It’s like: what’s the point of these efforts in the end?

Sometimes, we also sabotage ourselves to keep control over the outcomes. I’m personally good at this: not going through something I want to do because I fear failure, so I’d rather make myself fail by not trying anymore rather than even giving myself a chance in the first place. Which is hard, because somehow these journeys require to try and fail. Times when don’t do the things we commited to are entirely part of the process, and learning to embrace these moments of failure also contributes to learning to be more kind with ourselves along the way.

If anything, you are not a lost cause my friend. I know it’s hard to keep trying when we start wondering if it’s even worth it to have hope for ourselves. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how much you’ve accomplished or how fast you would have progressed. What matters it to keep on trying. Some days, your 100% will feel like 20%. Other days, your 100% will be more like 80%. Both are okay. Both are the reflection of your journey and your progress, and it’s okay to not feel on top every single day. You are a human being and you are allowed to not be perfect. To follow a journey that doesn’t look like a straight line. Even just 5 minutes of walk at the end of a day that you thought was already lost IS contributing in making a difference and keeping you on the path you aspire to walk on.

You got this!!!

@@HeartSupport thank you for your reply i think everyone has that demon on there soldier so to speak it’s all about will power keep up the vids