I can relate with this song so much and i suffer w

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Belongs to: Therapist Reacts to Nate by NF
I can relate with this song so much and I suffer with abandonment, not trusting people and afraid of people leaving and doing it again and everything else

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Being abandoned by someone you love definitely leaves a unique type of wound on your heart. When you love and trust someone, the thought of them stepping away from you is just not something you want to consider. When it happens, it’s usually such a shock and brutal heartbreak. Being left alone, with no possibility to keep on sharing life with them, can make you start wondering if they left because of you, or if because they didn’t love you enough. It’s hard to be confronted to these types of thoughts, questions, doubts, and it makes sense that this experience has forged a fear in you, a fear of the same scenario repeating itself if you were to trust someone again. For giving trust is taking a risk - on one side the risk of being beautifully loved in return, but on the other side the risk of being hurt and disappointed.

It’s understandable to suffer with abandonment if that has been a part of your story already. You carry the memory of what happened, you know how much it hurts, and you don’t want to feel it all over again with someone else. There are wounds that are so deep that it feels like even just a slight event could reopen it even deeper.

With those fears, and in light of your story especially, it’s okay to take the time you need to trust others with yourself. You’ve felt hurt and betrayed, and it will certainly take time to overcome those fears little by little, by experimenting strong and healthy relationships with others. You are aware of those fears, you are able to name it and you know why it’s there - which is already a huge strength, and a first step towards healing those wounds, at your own pace. :heart:

-Marie-Anne, Heartsupport Staff

@HeartSupport yeah exactly and I’ve been wondering if it’s me all this time and trusting people is my biggest issue even though I’m trying to solve after recent events with people that I’ve cut out of my life. I have no show people that they can’t take me for granted and walk over me after the majority of my life that’s what people have done

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