I can’t break these bad habits

2018 has been a good year, but I’ve also picked up some bad habits that I feel are not in my best interest to keep having. I have had a struggle with, let’s just say explicit content, for a while and throughout 2018, I thought I had given it up. However, a few months ago, I picked back up on it and it’s been an addiction ever since then. It’s almost like a daily thing.
I have also had a struggle with swearing a lot since I was in 5th grade. Just like with the explicit content though, I stopped for a while, but then picked back up on it.
I know all of this is wrong and I don’t know why I resort to it. I always tell myself that I will stop tomorrow or next week or whenever, but I always end up going straight back to it. So my questions are these:

  1. Why do I keep going back to this stuff if I know it’s wrong?
  2. How can I stop resorting to explicit content? This absolutely makes my mindset worse and worse each day that I let it happen.
  3. How do I at least cut back on swearing? I know I can’t be perfect in terms of not swearing, but I want to cut back and not do it as often.

I know this seems like a lot, but if you’ve read this, thank you. I am open to every suggestion possible. I feel disgusting for having these awful habits and I feel like I’m an utter disgraceful human for doing this stuff. I hear that “everybody does view it” or “everybody swears”, but there comes a point in time where it becomes an addiction, and I think it is at that point with me.

Thank you


Been there, got the t-shirt!

You need to realise you have an addiction to escapism from your problems, in regard to the pornography.

Regarding swearing, it’s easy to pick up from school and the movies, etc. and hard to break an unintentional habit. Mixing with good , moral people will help improve your cussing language!

for some people who suffer from this, addictions may exist for them due to the lack of something they dont have in their lives. I think it may be beneficial if you looked into some therapy and talk to a professional about what’s going on?

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I have struggled with this in the past and still from time to time get tempted to fall back in. This is not easy. It took more then one day to create the habit and will take more then one to get out but it is possible.
there is freedom at the end of that tunnel and you are very courageous for being honest. i encourage you to find someone who can encourage you and keep you accountable and an awesome resource is X3watch.

Hey @Hunti25,

I’ve been there. And you’re not disgusting or a disgrace. you’re doing something that you realize makes you feel bad, but it’s become an addiction. In my opinion, I feel like it has something to do with being comfortable and familiarity. it’s something we know and can use to satiate ourselves.
I also think it’s an environmental issue. If you use a particular space to do the thing you hate, you need to change that place, if that means moving the computer to a different room or removing the things that spark that urge to continue doing them. Try moving your stuff around so you feel a bit uncomfortable in your ‘safe space.’ It might help you rethink what you want to do. And if you do feel like you’re going to slip back into a bad habit, walk away. go outside, call someone. it’ll quickly get your mind in another place.

I wish the best for you!

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