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I can’t grow or change

I’m not a good person

I snap at my friend for breaking my finger by accident. I was speeding and scream at a young kid. People are better off without me.

I quit music and boxing, I can’t do anything with my finger. Too much of pussyboy to deal with pain.

I’m mistreat women, I have harassed them, mental abuse then and have dislike towards them, because they use me and lie to me.

I know who I’m truly am.

@Metalskater1990 You are so much more than this! Just because you do certain things now doesn’t mean you will do them forever. There is hope!

Growth, change is a long process- a process that doesn’t stop. We will always make mistakes and have personality traits that we wish we didn’t. That’s part of being human. It’s often a frustrating and disheartening process when we see how far we have left to go, but recognizing your flaws is an important first step, and it’s necessary to have grace for yourself in all of this. Remember that we are our own worst critics, so find things that you ARE doing better in/with and make a list of those. You’re doing better than you think.


Hey @Metalskater1990

We are all fallible humans, trying to negotiate through life the best we can. I know sometimes I have done things I am not proud of, and when I look back I wonder what would have happened if I had not noticed and tried to do better. But even if we do things we are not proud of, we are still worthy of love and support. So are you. It can be hard to be kind to ourselves, but I think in order to truly love, we must find love for ourselves. We will not judge you and we will support your growth and you are worth the effort. I hope you are well :hrtlegolove:

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