I can’t sleep anymore

I can’t sleep like I said, and it doesn’t help that I’m getting told I’m fat and ugly, to go kill myself. It haunts me I guess I could say. My family doesn’t care, they never did. I feel empty and hopeless. I can’t sleep, head to see my family downstairs, eat, drink then go back to lay down


Hi, welcome to the community.

I am sorry that you are living this situation right now. Is really hard when those thought are stronger when they night comes and you cant sleep like you really needed. I dont know how much day you are going without sleeping but is making you suffer.

My advice would be that when you are going to sleep, try to read a book it helped me when I couldnt sleep,read a comic, listen to music or anything that will get you distracted for the thing that they have said to you or for what you are thinking about yourself, you deserve to rest well and not think in the thought that are hurting you.

I hope that you get well and you feel better and that you can sleep again soon. Know that you have us here if you need something.

I care about you, all of us care about you.

Take care :heart: