I can’t stop thinking about what I did

I’ve been working since June and I’ve been owning a bank account since then. The bank gave me a credit card in August, and I thought it was a good idea to use it instead of cash. God, I was so wrong.

I’ve been using that for 5 months now, never used cash ever since. I’m still studying and all my days at uni started with Starbucks coffee and ended with a cold one at the pub. Weekends were always self-service restaurant and drinks. I bought a couple of records but nothing special. Sad thing is, I spent all my money without even noticing.

I now feel like shit. I don’t know how to tell my mom about what I did because I know I failed her. I hate myself for doing that, I’m so irresponsible

I understand that it must be pretty hard for you to deal with this. As hard as it may be, you need to just let it go. You can’t change what you’ve done and beating yourself up about it will only make matters worse. The best thing about making mistakes is that you can learn from them. I know it’s hard but over time it will get better and now you will know what to do and what not to do. Hang in there, I’m here for you.

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I literally had to hide my credit card. Contactless is the worst thing ever

Using card instead of cash does that to quite a lot of people. Sorry you had to learn it the hard way. For some people, it just is better to stick to paper. Maybe keeping a written recordof your expenses could help too? When I notice I’m growing a habit of buying something, I calculate and think of the cost/benefit of it, and a lot of time it helps to see that they’re not worth it or don’t fit in my budget that well if I turn them into habits.

I think (almost?) everyone makes budget mistakes sometimes. Hope there’s a way to save and make up for it.

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I think I’m sticking to cash. Credit cards are nice and all, but I spend more in these last 3 months than in the whole year. I always keep a record, but I stopped once the card started doing it for me. However, writing down is way better since you can realise how much you actually spend, what you spend on and how frequently. Lesson learned, not the best way possible but still