I can’t stop

I am 26 years old and a full time teacher. I have been smoking weed daily since I was 22…and I’ve tried to quit many times. The most ive made it is two months…and those two months were an emotional roller coaster. All of the natural emotions I had been masking with euphoria came to the surface, and that in itself was a lot to take in. I’ve been praying for years for God to take this away from me, and I believe he’s intervened, I just haven’t been faithful and willing to let go. Anyone that says weed is not addictive is lying. It most definitely is and I’ve had to experience it back me into a corner and own me for years. I hate feeling like a slave to anything, especially a plant. It causes me to hang out with ppl I normally wouldn’t, engage in casual sex that is meaningless, and ultimately move me away from my relationship with God. I am a musician and release albums, and any musician knows that weed is a huge part of the arts culture. I often use music as an excuse to smoke, which I find pathetic.

If anyone has any tips, resources, or advice to quit smoking, please reach out. I’m tired of being a slave


Hey Seth777,

Thank you so much for reaching out. I know addiction is hard and I applaud your desire to quit. I have never smoked weed myself, but I have seen the damage it can cause through my father who not only smokes it himself, but deals it.

So, the only thing I can say is that you are taking a courageous step in speaking up about it. You deserve to find peace and healing. You matter. I am going to reach out to some friends from the HeartSupport community and see if anyone can relate a bit better, but in the meantime, I can maybe suggest one thing:

Find a psychiatrist to discuss this with. I know it may sound dismissive, but you never know what they can do to help. I am on a medication that has been used to treat addiction originally and it literally causes you to not get a buzz or high from substances. I am NOT a medical professional, this is just my experience and I am not saying that you will get the same thing (or that this medication will do the same for you). But, I think it is worth pursuing. Doctors know a lot and they may be able to help you quit better than you can yourself. Just a thought, but again I am not a professional anything. I just make good coffee for a living.

But please keep us updated. I would love to hear from you again.

Hold Fast. I believe in you

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