I can’t take the noises

My family just went to get ice cream and it was going great and now my dad is mad and there’s slamming doors and I’m heading back into a place I don’t want to be.

It reminds me of when I first came to heart support, the struggles I was facing. It takes me back to then. I don’t know what to do.

There’s nothing I can do. Except sit in my room and wait for the storm to pass.

My mom has vertigo again so she’s not in the best mood which makes my dad not in the best mood.

I don’t know what to do, I never do. I’m so tired.

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I love you Lyss. I really don’t have anything to say right now other than I’m here for you. Maybe you could do an activity and listen to music to take your mind off it. :heart::heart::heart: sophic


Hi lyss

I’m sorry that your parents are fighting, but just have patience and try not to let it bother you so much.

When my parents get into something I just ignore it and I actually feel better(not interpreting that I don’t love my parents) it’s their problems are not mine

Much love to you hope I helped <3

I remember my step dad and my mother would get into it all the time. I usually escaped through music and my arts. I believe you being here is awesome. I am now an adult and sometimes they still do the same thing. Similar to what @Mpast said… it is indeed THEIR problems and not on you. I understand the helplessness you must feel. The inability to act is very anxiety riddled, but I urge you to help them separately when possible, maybe tell them how it affects you. If you don’t want to do that… find a creative outlet or hobby. I’m hear for you and pray it gets better for you. Don’t beat yourself up, be the best person you know you can be!

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