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I Cannot Control People's Actions

My mom and my cousin got into an argument a few days ago and they are not on speaking terms. Now my cousin is upset with me because I haven’t spoken to her in the last few days. My mom has her issues and I can no longer with them anymore she’s too much I cannot and I don’t want anymore drama in my life I am trying to be positive and live a clean and productive life I cannot deal with anymore negativity because I had it all my life and it just wears you down.

I will talk to my cousin sometime either tomorrow or this week so we can fine an alternative to third quarrel which in my opinion is nonsense, family is family you can choose your friends but you cannot choose your family.

Being in the middle of family issues always sucks. I remember when my grandmother said some pretty horrible things about my brother with him in the car and ended up not talking to her for 2 years.

It seems like you’re taking this to heart which really sucks and i’m sorry you’re going through this. You aren’t alone in your struggle with family issues, in fact, its super popular. Family therapy is certainly not for everyone but it is something that has helped a lot of people and I heavily suggest looking into that. You could also ask to bring you mom in to therapy for a session and ask your therapist to help work stuff out for a session if you’re in therapy. We’re here for you and you got this.

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Being stuck in the middle of tension and fighting sucks :frowning: Their actions and their consequences are their own, but it is still hard. Hang in there

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I have and she goes to the same counselor as I do

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