I cannot stand gossip

I cannot stand people who are friends who gossip and cause trouble for no reason. A friend of mine told my mom that I posted pictures of myself wearing pigtails Idk why she told my mom but she yelled at me and mad a big deal about it I had to call my friend and tell her why did she say that I had posted those pictures on social media my mom is elderly and very conservative I’m not and she should have known better and she denies that she didn’t say anything to my mom I know she is lying and then she unfriends me on social media and then my mom wants me to apologize to her I don’t have to anything should her because didn’t have a right to tell my mom my personal business. I’m pretty upset I’m far from gay and my mom continues to question my sexuality. I think my supposed friend is a snake and I can’t trust her especially after this stunt she puled for no reason. I think she is upset because I refuse to hook up with her niece to take her out of Cuba and I’m not going to do it period but that doesn’t mean she has the right to tell my personal business and her other friend is so bored and miserable that she has to see what I do or don’t do and she wants to have sex with me and its not going to happen period. I don’t like drama or problems but this was crossing the line. I’m engaged to be married and I feel others want to mess it up for me and I’m not going to allow it.


Gossips really suck, man, even regardless of people’s motivations. There are subjects that are just personal and don’t need to be discussed on your back unless you are willing to talk about them openly. It’s frustrating when there is such judgment, misunderstandings and stereotypes attached to ones behaviors or decisions. We should all be free to do whatever pleases us as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone.

It sounds like some good old boundaries and breaks from people who have confusing intentions with you might be necessary. If not to solve the situations themselves, at least to preserve your peace and not having to deal with this kind of thing.


From: eloquentpetrichor

Hello again, ranma1983! Gossip is an annoying thing for sure as are friends who create drama. I’m sorry you are having so many issues with your friends right now. But no one can screw up your engagement for you. Just focus on the good things and ignore other people’s messes as much as you can. Good luck not making mountains out of molehills and keeping your head up :hrtlegolove:


From: mictek

I really hope you are able to have peace… this is a lot of emotions to deal with at once. Try and breathe in deep … let the anxiety and anger leave your body… watch it as it goes out … now breathe in … picture a white healing light filling you up … now … try and focus on one of these mountains at a time… these are all mountains you CAN and WILL pass… you just have to take your time and focus… I know you can do it … I already seeing you doing this… I’m proud of you!


Hi ranma1983
I am sorry that you are in this situation. you are a grown up adult person. Your mother has not bussiness telling you what to post and you should tell her that, clearly. You should voice your opinios openly and clearly, if your mum truly loves you, she will accept you the way you are. I think everybody in your story should be more open minded, because everybody seems to be upset about such small things and are so caught up in this buble of drama. Try to defuse the situation so it does not blow up but stand your ground.



Hi @ranma1983 It sounds like you have a lot going on and need a break. Have you tired to take a day to yourself and treat yourself good? Turn your phone off, get out and do something fun, hangout with people not involved and not talk about it or just take a break some how from everything. Sometimes things build up and explode. ~Mystrose


From: Dr Hogarth

Gossip can be incredibly painful, but I think sometimes it can escalate from honest mistakes and misjudgements. People sometimes say things without really appreciating the consequences or context; they may not be intentionally malicious, just really badly thought through. Try and take a step back from all of this. You have so much to be happy about given your engagement. I wish you every happiness.


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend, wow you have a lot going on there and it sounds like such a huge big mess and that is sad to me because im not sure its even necessary. I dont know why that person mentioned that picture to your mum at the beginning, it was a very silly thing to do but maybe it was not done out of spite, maybe it was just a conversations piece and it upset your mum and then all hell broke loose. Ultimately it would be nice if there could be apologies made but all round, if everyone could say sorry for any misunderstandings and accept responsability for any upset caused you could all move on and get on with your lives. life is too short and you have far more exciting things to look forward to, as you say you are engaged to be married, focus on that and your future my friend, that is what is important now. I wish you lots of luck. Much Love Lisa x

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From: SuchBlue

Hi ranma1983,

It’s sad that you have to go through such pressure. Try to have some time to spend with yourself, away from all the gossiping and judgements that you constantly get told. You have the right to take a step back and relax just like everyone else. Take a deep breath and stay calm. You can do this :hrtlovefist: :hrtlegolove:


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