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I cant deal with this anymore, please help me

Im currently a freshman in highschool, and I cant stress enough about everything in my life at the moment. I try so hard at school and my grades come up empty. I worked since the beginning of 8th grade to prepare for highschool baseball by doing travel, and working out and exercising before all events. It seems like my school is biased and corrupt, and all my hard work is gone. My family was barely able to pay for my baseball, and now it’s all for not. Im constantly getting wrenched on at school and its getting to the point where i beg for my parents to pick me up every day on the phone because i dont want to sit in class and know thta i cant do anything to improve my life, as it is all not within my reach. I’m not getting much sleep, as i am laying in bed every night wondering why i cant succeed. People only come near me if they feel pity for me, and when im not in a situation where im depressed people want nothing to do with me, as it won’t boost their self confidence by talking to someone who they think needs their help. My parents act like they know whats going on but they dont. Even though i have a girlfiend, im constantly being calling gay or queer or people telling me id be better off as a girl. I completely disagree and im constantly being made fun of for no reason at all. Girls say ew when they see me, and my “friends” are total douchebags. In math, the kids that sit around me tortured me with the past for the whole 2 hour period of the class. And i know, people would tell me to tell an authority or tell my parents. Ive done both. The parents nor their kid was punished and i was left to blame for crying wolf. There is always someone next in line to pull my chain closer to the edge. Even my teacher said i wouldnt be an athlete and i wouldnt be good at anything. i see no reason why i should wake up tomorrow and live the same nightmare over and over

First of all. i am impressed, you have come farther that a lot of people who even never attended high school. I for one dropped out, i do not recommend it unless you have a real plan.

School systems can be corrupt and hard to deal with, specially if you have an hard time adapting. i myself went to 7 different schools so i know a lot about it.

It makes me sad that somebody is still trying to offend people by calling them gay or queer. Do not care what they say, they don’t have anything to do with it unless they want to be in a relationship with you.

As for the Girls, Girls acting that way are not the ones you wanna keep, believe me. They will never meet a good guy, cause good guys hate that kind of behaviour.

When it comes to your teacher saying you can’t be an athlete use that for your motivation. somebody probably told him the same thing and he became a teacher and his taking it out on you.

In a couple of years let him eat his own words when you run a home run on that field for a pro team.

Does your school have a counselor? they are usually the one with brains and can provide great help at times. like when your math class gets hard maybe he can have an conversation with you.

Thanks for sharing @seeking_help and it’s really impressive that your reaching out, it shows a lot of maturity. I’m sorry you’re going through all of this and @Scarlet makes a great point about speaking with the school counselor if your school has one. If they don’t you can always look at one in your community who could be a resource.

In regards to the behavior of the kids at school, that really sucks. It probably doesn’t help but usually people who act like that are the ones who are the most insecure as they feel the only way to put themselves in the world is to try to put others down. Sounds like that teacher was probably one of those kids growing up. It’s cool you have a girlfriend, I hope she’s supportive. I’ve learned it’s better to have a small group of people around me then have a lot of “so called” friends.

And for baseball, if it’s what you love keep pursuing it, keep practicing. Mark Buehrle was an all start picture who got cut from his high school team twice. I’m showing my age a bit on this one too but Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team. I can’t say you’ll go pro but don’t let your freshman year stop your dreams of playing baseball. This sounds a bit odd but if you ask the coach what areas you need to improve on, it will show the coach that you’re a coachable athlete unlike a lot of folks.