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I can't escape this feeling

Tyler Carter from Issues opened up to us about losing a fan to suicide. Tyler shared that his escape from feelings of depression is to write music. One way he uses music to help him get out of a dark place is by trying to write from a different perspective than what he is feeling. For example if he is having a hard day, he might write a story about a hero conquering many battles. Watch this video to hear Tyler talk about his experiences.

Next Steps

  1. Write a sentence describing your negative feelings right now.
  2. Set a timer for 5 minutes and just write a story that challenges what you’re feeling. For example, if you’re feeling sad write a story about someone experiencing joy.
  3. Share your story below
  4. Reflect on how your feelings have changed after writing
  1. I’m feeling sad, because I feel like a lot of the romantic relationships in my life have followed the same failure pattern.

  2. Story: There once was a girl. She was strong, because she continued to love people even after they had hurt her. One day she was walking through the park, and she saw a handsome man walking her dog. The girl continued on while listening to her punk playlist, and eventually found a park bench to sit and journal on. Eventually, the man came and sat down next to her and started striking up a conversation. The duo hit it off instantly and went on a few dates over the next few weeks. Eventually the girl thought she might be falling in love with the man and the man felt the same way. After the man confessed his love to the girl, things started to change. He became distant and started to say hurtful things to the girl. The girl decided that it was time to end the relationship and move on. This might seem like a sad story to some, but to the girl it was a victory, because she knew she had grown. In the past she would allow people to treat her negatively, but now she knows she deserves more. She knows she would rather be alone than have someone treat her poorly. She knows that a beautiful love cannot find her if she is consumed by a painful love. So she left and she didn’t even look back. A few months later she was sitting at her favorite coffee shop when a new face walked in. She knew this one was different and she thanked God that she didn’t stay with what didn’t serve her so that she could be with the person who was made for her.

  3. After writing this I feel encouraged. I feel like I was able to reframe my loneliness as something that is positioning me to be ready for the person that is meant to be in my life. I actually LOVED writing about this, and it was fun placing myself in the story.

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  1. I am feeling sad because over the years, I lost friendships because they want have nothing to do with me.

  2. Story: There is a boy. He is imaginative, compassionate, and love to share it with others because they matter to him. He does what he can to feel love. He shares music with his friends, hangout with them, laugh, smile, and having a time of his life. Time has pass, he hasn’t seen his friends in awhile. Him and they are busy. He contact them, some responded, and some didn’t. Later on, he notices their changes. The ones he used to be friends with, are gone. He mourned. Got depressed. Jaded. Bitter. Angry. It made him worse. Later on, he made a decision to get better, pray to God to help him, and love again.

  3. I feel a little better after writing this. It is therapeutic. I struggle loneliness from time to time. I shouldn’t put my worth onto others, but only God. He is loyal. Friendships are blessing, however, they come and go. I am grateful for the memories, and I am looking forward for new ones.