I can't find a way see an end to how i feel

Recently i have lost someone, i though i was going to marry this girl. In the end i wasn’t as important to her as she was to me. I did everything for her. I gave her all my time, spent every penny i had on her to give her the best and what she deserves, i drove around for her (alot). I gave my everything and still she decided to walk out on me. She said i did nothing for her and didn’t give enough time. She said i wasn’t good enough for her and that she deserves better. She left me broken and doesn’t care, i thought she did but I’m thinking about killing myself and she doesn’t even blink an eye

I can tell you right now that no girl is worth ending your life over. Everyone goes through breakups that they feel is the end of the world. In reality, that person just wasn’t meant to be in your life. Look at it as making room for someone new. I know things seem tough right now, but I promise that things get easier. Eventually, you will find the person who is 100% right for you, and reciprocates those feelings right back to you, and you will understand why it didn’t work with anyone else.