I can't find traction

Recently I’ve felt like I can’t move forward in life. I don’t have motivation. I find it hard to fall asleep or wake up. I’m living every day the same and honestly I’m getting exhausted from it. I’m at a point where even when I try, I feel like I make no progress. I want to get in better shape both physically and mentally but every time I tell myself today is the day, it never is. I don’t think things are getting worse, but I know things haven’t gotten better. And it’s just this constant cycle of getting up to the same thing. Some days it feels like I wake up, just to go back to sleep. I have no energy during the day sometimes and I feel stuck. I feel stuck and I don’t know what to do. And it’s come to a point where I just want to break this cycle. I don’t want to be this husk anymore. I want to be somebody. I want to live a life worth living. I don’t want to be in this rut thinking things are okay when truthfully they’re not. And I want to change that.

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I know how you feel, I’m going through the same where im not excited to go through a day cause’ i already know how everything will work out. Day in day out as if you’re stuck in a cycle.
There’s no motivation to continue or inspiration to keep looking for a change.
I can’t say i can help you much, but try doing little things that you usually don’t do or miss doing, like watching a new movie or getting into a new hobby.

Hey friend,

I’ve gone through that same thing and completely understand where you’re coming from. In fact, when I was going back to school this semester, I was actually afraid of getting into a routine for this very reason. For me, I do need some kind of structure throughout my day. Maybe you can create a schedule and say “at this time I will wake up and work out” and then “I’m going to do this productive thing.” If you have a chance, you should watch Casey’s video on making a schedule. It may be helpful to you. Remember to create time in the day to RELAX, and/or do something fun/different. Maybe it’s watching a new movie like @Magician_Voodini said, or maybe you’ll have the energy to go out with friends. Good luck!

hold fast <3