I can't freaking do this anymore

I dont want to be alive anymore. Dont sit there and say things get better because thats bullshit. My life is a joke and I dont want it anymore. I literally hate my life and I cant do this shit anymore. All I do is sit in my house alone and cry and drink and i recently started cutting again.

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Hopelessness is such a brutal experience. If you’re coming in from Google looking for answers, you can take this self-assessment to find next steps:


Hold Fast. We Believe in You.


All I’ve ever wanted was to feel normal. To feel like I mattered. Not be told I mattered, but actually feel like I mattered. The kind of “mattered” that you can only truly feel. I haven’t felt normal since I was 14. I can honestly remember the first time I ever thought about hurting myself. I was in 8th grade. I remember sitting in my closet. I remember writing in big black letters “help me” on the wall. Those words stayed on that wall for 8 years until we sold that house. That was my getaway, my safe spot. From teenage years to adulthood. I remember cutting my left leg up. I remember all the blood and I remember how amazing it felt. It didn’t actually hurt. It felt good, it was relieving. I use to take the red towels off my dads golf bag and use the to clean up. So I spent the last 16 years using myself as a canvas. People freak out when they discover someone is a cutter, but when you are the one doing it, there can actually be so much beauty in. The last 16 years, literally more than half my life, I have had to hide how I really feel. Shit actually sucks. You have no idea how hard that has been. If anyone ever finds my old blog, there are posts dating back more than 10 years talking about how much I was struggling and it never got easier or better. Depression sucks. It’s literally eaten me alive all this time. And the one thing I’ve found when I have tried to get help for it, is that the only thing worse than being depressed is people knowing you are depressed because then they look at you different, treat you different. They become overly nice or helpful which turns out making things even worse, so I just kept this inside. Only recently did I even let people know that I struggled with it. I don’t need help. Help made things worse for me. I always told myself that when I was no longer capable of feeling anything anymore, I knew it would be time. My little sister used to be my only source of love in this world… the only love with staying power, the only love that was pure and I know will never let me down. Once I can’t feel her love anymore, I will have nothing left,. I just don’t feel anything anymore, and barely from her. I have successfully pushed away the people I needed most in life, and not intentionally. Self doubt, constantly mind fucking myself. Honestly sabotaging myself. Sucks knowing that it’s happening and still not being able to stop yourself. honestly I did only find happiness for the longest time in doing things for others. Sending people money, buying them pizza. I only did these things to make them happy which in turn made me happy which I guess means it was done for my own personal gain so I guess I’m selfish. People get sad, upset. “Oh we should have saw the signs”, “I wish he would have reached out” “how could he do this”. Nobody ever stops to think “hey maybe this is what they needed”. You have no idea how hard this has been. Everyone who has depression lives it in different ways. What works for others doesn’t work for me. What works for me won’t work for others. The happiest moments in my adult life weren’t even happy. It’s a moment of happiness followed by the crippling doubt of everything. Meeting my beautiful sister for the first time was one of the happiest moments of my life. I was 22, and I remember holding her and feeling so elated. But as soon as I stared at her, all I could think about was how I was going to let her down some day and she would hate me. All those feelings within minutes of each other. I don’t wish that on anyone. I need release, i need it all to stop. I’ve spent my entire like doing what I could to help others and I cant even help myself. I


Dude I understand you. I know what its like to have people tell you “just find the light at the end of the tunnel!” and “happiness is a choice, choose it!!!” like they have never felt pain in their god damn life. I know what its like to want love, and know you need love, but can’t fall for anyone. I’ve been there. And im still there. Im still stuck wondering what I did wrong, what I should have done, and what’s going on. I’m sorry. I know you don’t want pity, you don’t want people thinking that all you want is for people to feel sorry for you. I just wish I could help. And I know there’s no way I could ever be able to do that. I’ve been to the darkest depths of hell. Hell, in fact I’ve felt absolutely nothing for the past 5 years. I’ve almost lost all of my friends. I know you don’t want to live just for the sake of living. And I know that me making this comment would never help you. I just thought that maybe making you feel less alone would help get you through the day. Maybe it doesn’t. Maybe one day you’ll find it. Something that made life worth it all.


Ugh. I can’t believe I’m here, but here I go. I can’t put into words everything that I’m thinking, but for sure, I agree, I can’t do this anymore… And it’s not even about being suicidal


its same w me , dont know what to do,

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I’ve never been where you are and idk if it’s too late but if it isn’t then please listen. I know you don’t want my pity or someone to tell you that you matter if you don’t really feel it but I’m gonna tell you anyways. I’m not a pro at this but I’m just speaking from the heart.
God put every single one of us on this Earth for something. You may not be Christian but he sent his one and only son Jesus to DIE FOR YOU. So you don’t have to suffer! And the best part is, he rose again and is living in you. You say God is ignoring you, but are you actually listening? I actually came across your story while I was searching google for answers on why I was feeling totally worthless. I cried out literally, to God and I came across your story. I just made a whole account hoping that this message will reach you. And I’m certainly not God, but maybe he sent me here as the message you’ve been waiting for. I really hope you’re still around to read this.
If you take away just one thing, just know that GOD REALLY LISTENS. I know it sounds made up or unreal but the creator of the universe is listening to you, and he cares enough to know you by name and to love you and call you his child and his friend. Do you think I’m making this all up? God is giving me this to tell you. He knows you’ve given up on hearing from him so I believe I’m here to bring you this because I, and he, knows you need it. This isn’t only for you, but for anyone and everyone regardless of anything. GOD LOVES YOU. Do not worry about disappointing your sister. It doesn’t matter if you do because the Lord your God loves you no matter what even if you don’t love him back. I was bawling earlier and I’m saying this with dried tears on my face, GOD LOVES YOU. Period. I’m really hoping and praying you receive this message. Love you even though I’ve never met you, you’re still worthy of love. Everyone is. I don’t recall what verse this is and I don’t want to look it up because I don’t want to have to lose this message but the Bible says that birds neither reap nor sew, but the Lord feeds them. You are worth more than a thousand birds. Just imagine what God will do for you if you only put your trust in him. Tell the devil that he is not welcome in you anymore. God already defeated him. All you gotta do is just rebuke the devil and refuse evil. GOD LIVES IN YOU. Please accept this. PLEASE. I love you. GOD LOVES YOU. Stay in the fight till the final round because YOU ARE AN OVERCOMER. (Overcomer by Mandisa). Your body is a temple. Please do not cut it. I’ve cut my arm and now it’s a part of me that won’t likely leave. Don’t cut yourself please! You are A CHILD OF GOD. DO NOT FORGET THAT. :kissing_heart:


I feel the same. Let’s drink one up together. I’m an alcoholic

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what do you want to do is the question? Where do you want to go with your life? What would make YOU happy? that’s the important thing right now.

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I am never online and I never write anything on any post.
But, my spirit would not let me pass this message.
A little about my background, I would say I am a very spiritual person.
I believe that love holds all truth in any and every religion/ belief.

First thing that was stated to write is , Life sucks, but, not all life.
Some people drink to suppress sorrow and hide reality. Some take drugs to
escape reality. Some think that if I was not here, no one would care.

But, I must say this. The last thought was once me, I was there.
Then 2 years later I met my husband and I have been happy, life got a little bit easier,
life still kicks me everyday. But, it gets a little better every obstacle you overcome.

If you take yourself you could be taking a wife or husband (if your male or female) from someone. Someone in this world could be wondering why they are alone and that could be because their significant other never got the opportunity to make it to them.

Please just give life a try and one thing I always say when life starts kicking ass is
after a storm comes the sun.

SO DAMN! " What big blessing is waiting for me after this storm."

                Peace. Love. Patience. Happiness.