I can't get back on my feet

From celvint: I completed my former level of education with distinction and breaking a 25-year record in the school. I had to continue to the next level and selected a category A institution to pursue the course of my choice. There is a national competition and I became a hot cake for institutions to battle for. An category B institution came to me appealing for me to join so that they will help me to improve upon my skills and also help them win the national competition. They made proposals in the form of sponsorships. I accepted the offer and joined them. After joining them, I had a problem resulting from the facilities after assuming school and was sleep deprived for about two and a half months, which led to me sleeping in class or lectures and people labelled me with all sort of names and comments teachers inclusive. After those two months, my life has never been the same. I can’t get back to the way I used to do my studies and now I can’t learn. I was a very fast learner but now I am really slow, super slow and I can’t seem to cope. My final exams are about in the next 8 months and I don’t know what to do. I have kept this from my parents. I am stressed out and do not know what to do. The executives of the school who appealed to me to join them did not fulfill their promises and neglected me. Now I am on my own and don’t know what to do. And here I am a treasure institutions competed for struggling.


I’m sorry it’s gotten so difficult for you. Is there counseling or therapy available to you through the school?

I don’t know if you have noticed or not, but it’s fairly common that if an athlete who has a virtually flawless record, makes a mistake, they will go on to make a few more of them. It has to do with confidence being shaken and the resulting anxiety.

It sounds like something happened that triggered anxiety in you, which affected the quality of your sleep, which in turn led to more difficulty in school, which brought about increased anxiety. That cycle is called a “negative feedback loop.” In a sense, you might be like the athlete who ends up “in a slump.”

I think therapy could really help. It might also help if you visualize and recapture the state of mind you were in when school was going well for you.

You mentioned that the speed at which you learn has slowed down. Sleep loss and anxiety can cause that.

Finally, if your class load seems like too much, consider dropping one or more classes, then re-enroll in them next semester. Even if it delays graduation, it’s still a better outcome than burning out.

If the school cannot connect you with mental health services, see about getting a referral from your doctor.

From listening2day: Couple of ideas came to mind. Adding to those previous suggestions.

Maybe also check in with physicians to make sure nothing physical has popped up with you that you are not aware. One time, when I was in college, I caught an infection and didn’t realize. I got sooo fatigued that eventually I decided to go check it out. They treated it with antibiotics. Anyway, so check that out too, if you have not.

Also a study hint to maybe help, especially if busy. I didn’t learn until graduate school, but it helped me. After classes; or once a week; try what I am going to suggest. It works better if you don’t wait too long. But you still could “catch up”.

[Geeeez, I sound like one of those YouTube pre-roll adds D: ]

Gather your class notes together and look through them. Decide what topic is testable, or if it is complex break it off into short list of steps. Then read those into a recorder (on phone?).

Now, as you are walking/driving to classes; listen to recording. (I would ask myself a question on recording, pause, then list my answer. Or, list topic and then list question after and pause on recording. Or just do the topic. Although for me my question method did the best for me.) Just let it run as you walk to class, drive, eat lunch…we’ll you get picture.

Amazingly, when exam time came? I really knew most of the things and maybe had to review just a few key concepts.

Anyway, it worked for me, even if there was overwhelming amount to study.

Good luck and I hope you find your stride. Sometimes life throws us things that do make it hard or lengthy process to get back up. But keep plugging along.