I cant get him out of my mind

The title pretty much says it all. I can’t get him out of my mind. I miss him. I still want him .
For context me and this dude I’ve known for a while I broke things off on April 25th due to me not communicating how I was feeling with him . which was 4th time. It was a rocky relationship since the beginning of 2023 but I still loved him through the ups and downs. From about September to the end of December, everything was fine not think it would get to this point.

What had brought everything up as I was in a group call with my friends one was away and the other well, was getting something to drink. He asked about things I said we are friends and if I and my ex were to get back together if that was an option for me, I immediately nodded cause I want that second chance I really do. I understand that we got to communicate but at the same time, it’s hard for me to express how I feel to some people. Something that stook to me was that i was told this person , lets call her X ( the reason this breakup happened) . they say. “I confide in X, etc”… I was the same about a friend that i broke down infront of … and its just i dont know how i feel about that … i dont know … Any who what my one friend brought up , was my ex asked my friend how i was doing … moments later my friend comes back convo was continued and she was asked the same thing of " how was i doing" …

Its been approximately 16 days since the break up and i still want to be with him but i know its a conversation i want to bring up with him cause i know when that was brought up by friends i knew he kinda missed me . I dont want to cut him out of my life … I just i feel like theirs a missing puzzle piece that i cant replace . I trully really am missing him rightnow … What do i do ? do i have that conversation with him , do i hint towards him i want things to be back where they were at? I dont know what to do .


From S<3: Thank you for sharing, I think you should have a conversation with him and tell him how you feel. It can be scary but sometimes it’s good to communicate with others so they understand. Even if he doesn’t want you back, at least you will have that weight off of your chest. Also, if he doesn’t want you back then he isn’t the right person for you. Sometimes it feels like that person is the only person for you, but like they say, there are plenty of fish in the sea. Some people just aren’t worth wasting time on.

How have you been Ashley? It’s very hard to lose a relationship, it’s like experiencing grief and it’s so heavy for the heart.
Have you been able to communicate at all?
As the previous reply said it’s always important to establish communication and I know you’ve mentioned it being hard for you. Sometimes I like to write down everything I feel initially and leave it. Then I can come back to it and find that I can expand or explain better those feelings. It’s sort of like making a draft of your thoughts and refining it. Maybe it might take a few tries before you find it really expresses how you feel.

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Hey @ManekiNeko ,

Sorry For late Responce but i am ok , missing him badily as much as we are still friend i have been mentally , emotionally hurting .
Me and him talk here and there but … i dont know … Its made me feel like i just want to isolate away from my friends sometimes .
theres times where i just want to type it up and send it to him but then theres times i just i cant … im trying to figure out the next steps …

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