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I can't get the girl that I desperately want

I haven’t had a girl in my life my biggest problem I’m too picky when it comes to them I’m more interested in the very pretty and attractive ones the however they’re always taken and it just kills me big time and everyone else gets lucky besides me it just makes me so mad :angry: that I wanna go on a rampage or start a riot in an effort to get that girl and do that thing with her. What should I do???

You need to calm down. Forcing something you want, won’t happen. You have to be patient, don’t go around having a fit because the person you like has someone else in mind. Listen, you need to move things nice and slow, put yourself in someone’s shoes. If you are in school, or high school, don’t start dating there, its a terrible place and can break your heart, start when you are in college when you meet real people, who don’t stab you in the back or have ‘popularity’ there. Because NO ONE is popular in college, everyone is a loner. And being in a relationship isn’t your biggest problem. You can still have more things to do instead of working on getting a girlfriend. Sports, hobbies, etc… Like I said take it easy, no need to freak out about loving someone.

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All I want is just a casual encounter that’s it and that’s all.