I cant handle being trans

I think I’m trans and I have a huge problem with that. I dont have anything against the lgbtq+ community, I’m just super uncomfortable being trans and I hate myself for it. What should i do?


Hi DMM146

Thank you so much for opening up here. That’s really brave and I hope you find some comfort here. Being trans is a journey that you will have to travel on your own, but you aren’t alone. I think the best thing to do is maybe reach out to any lgbgt organizations or groups or clubs at your school or community. You might be able to find people who understand more of what you are going through and give you the support you need. Don’t hate yourself. It’s okay. You are loved. Here are some websites that might help too. https://www.translifeline.org

Hold fast.

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Man, it can be such a difficult position to feel like you don’t know who you are or don’t like who you think you are, or to be afraid of who you might be…the longing to understand, to be at peace, to be out of confusion, to be comfortable and confident – this is who I am! The uncertainty and unknowing can be agonizing…

Could you explain a bit more about why you think you’re trans, what problem you have with that, and a bit of background about your story? Hard to prescribe some type of solution without knowing a bit more about you

Is it because of your environment? That you are uncomfortable with being trans. You shouldn’t hate yourself for being trans. If you are planning to transition you need to be in an accepting perspective of yourself and who you know you are. (Keyword is Know.)

Nothing is wrong with being trans. There are only people or doctrines that imply that it is wrong (and people that believe so) this doesn’t mean it is. Being trans is a position to go through before becoming fully who you are.

Love who you are (You’re not sure so my advice is to learn who you are to fully find out if you’re trans).

Whats Up @DMM146,
so even though I’m not trans, i can relate to your problem, for quite a while i didn’t understand what it was like to be trans and my parents had always to treat transgender people in a very disrespectful and rude way but now im reading a book about a trans-girl and I know now that whether some one is Bi,Trans,Lesbian,or Gay i need to treat them with as much respect as any other person trans or not. So in the book im reading the main character in the book is a trans person and in the beginning she is uncomfortable with being trans but at the end she accepts herself for who she really is!!! The book is called If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo and is a great book so far here’s the amazon link inf you want to get it: https://www.amazon.com/If-I-Was-Your-Girl-ebook/dp/B016IAPUUA

Hold Fast,

Hi friend, thanks for sharing.

As others have said, I believe that more information could be needed for further help.

It’s hard when you cannot figure out who you are and feel so confused about yourself. Whoever you might be, just know that you are loved, no matter your gender, appearance or anything.

Love you ╳