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I Can't sleep, Can't stop thinking about my life

Hey it’s me again surprise surprise, I can’t fall asleep even though I have to get up at 5:30 tomorrow for work. I can’t stop thinking about how much of a failure I am, and how much of a disgusting piece of shit I am.

Hey there,

First of all, there is no issue with you posting as many times as you need on the wall, that is what it is here for. Second of all you are not a failure or a disgusting piece of trash. Those are just lies that you are telling yourself. I know it may seem hard to sleep right now but try to find a method to help you relax at night and can help you get to sleep. Try using some soft background lo-fi music, or as crazy as it sounds, some ASMR. I know people who say that helps them relax at night.

Hope this helps,

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You don’t know the truth about me

Hey there,

I dont have to know everything about you to tell you that those things you are telling yourself are not true. However if you would like to talk, im always avaliable during the day on the HS discord at and feel free to DM me.


Hey @Jax,

Thank you for reaching out! I want to echo what @JustinYummerz said. We internet folks may not know you personally but just because we don’t know you doesn’t mean that we still can’t speak words of life and affirmation into you. When you’re having a bad day, hold your hand over your heart. Feel that? That beating? That’s purpose. You’re alive for a reason, and we’re glad that you’re here! You’re loved and you’re valued. That’s the truth about you. :slight_smile: