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I can't sleep

Hi everybody.

I can’t sleep.

I think I’m just getting to that point in my pregnancy where I’m getting anxious about everything. There are still things I want to get before Kiera gets here. We have a bed being delivered (it goes from being a crib all the way to a full sized bed) in January. She is due late Feb/early March.

I have this nagging worry about what if she is born early and we don’t have the bed yet? I wonder if I have everything to get by or if I’m forgetting something important.

I looked up some lists of newborn necessities and I feel like we’re doing alright so far.

I don’t know. Like I said, I feel like I’m probably just at that point where I am just worried about everything. I know, things could be worse. I could be a single mom. I could be less financially stable. But. No matter how much I try to logic my way through this it’s not really working. At least right now. It’s currently 2:30 am for me and I’ve been up for an hour already. Might take some of my maintenance anxiety meds to try to get some sleep since I know not sleeping is not going to help me at all.

I’m not sure what I expect to come out of this post but at least I can get my worries out. Thanks for reading.


You are “nesting” and it’s perfectly normal. I did it when I was pregnant too. You just want to make sure everything is ready. You’re hormones are going nutz too, so take that into consideration when it comes to anxiety and worry. Just wait till you hit menopause like me lol.

Seems like you’re doing the normal thing pregnant woman do. You’re doing great.

Drink some chamomile tea and relax. Do some mindful meditation or listen to some nice soothing music. You got this momma :smiley: :hrtlegolove:


Thank you for this; I feel like I needed to hear it (or in this case read it) to feel like I’m not going totally crazy.

I got myself a little snack since my stomach seems to think it’s time for breakfast now. Got some water.

But yea. I really appreciate your response. <3


You’re welcome. I’m glad I could help :hrtlegolove: