I can't stop crying

Ok so I’m transgender (biologically female wanting to be male) and I wanted to ask my parents if I could start on testosterone. I first came out to my mother about 3 years ago and she just said it was a phase so we moved on. About 3ish months ago I said something like I don’t wanna be a girl so we talked again, but then nothing really came of it. Yesterday I asked her if I could do testosterone because I’m starting 9th grade/my first year of high-school in 2 weeks and I just wanna pass as what I want to be lol. But back to me asking, she said no because I’m too young. I understand that and respect she doesn’t want me to do it because I might regret it in the future, but everything I see her now I start tearing up and have to leave the room so yea idk. Now with my dad, I hadn’t told him anything until today. I feel like he kinda got that I was hinting to him that I’m transgender because I have a flag and I just prefer to be really masculine anyways or idk lol. So I told him this right b4 he had to take my younger brother to piano, like he came up to me and hugged me and asked me okay because I’d been a little quiet lately, and in that moment I just said I wanna be a boy. He was like I’ll talk to you when I get back, so after he came back he took me into a separate room and was like I’ll support whatever you wanna do, but right now your young so just enjoy being a kid for now and I was like ok. But now, Idk I just can’t stop crying. Like, after an hour he came into my room and said he had to go to work so I said okay and after he left I started crying, and when my mom got home from work like 30 minutes ago and we had dinner I kept tearing up, and after I went up into my room I just cried for 5 minutes and now I’m doing this. Idk I just wanted to vent a little, but also don’t know what to do about the whole crying thing because I can’t keep doing this crap. I mean maybe I’ll stop getting emotional after a while because after all it’s only been a few hours since my dad said no but I’m just worried that if I keep doing this it’ll strain my relationship with my parents and I love them alot so lol. I just want some advice on what to do since I can’t ask my parents since their the people I don’t really wanna go to and my closest friends already have their own troubles to deal with right now, but thanks for reading this lol.


It good that you share your story on here, there a lot people that can listen and help through this. I love fact that your dad supports you and I know it hard your mom dose not understand. Once you turn 18 , you can have the freedom to change your body and be for you are. Remember you got nothing how you feel and your have right to change your body sooner or later.

Stay strong.


Crying is okay. In fact, it’s therapeutic. You are processing emotions, and that’s a necessary part of adjusting to and accepting your current circumstances.

You may not be able to find a medical provider willing to administer hormone therapy at your age. It is generally not considered until the age of 16. It can cost hundreds of dollars a month, and is not covered by insurance.

Your dad sounds like a decent guy. The advice he’s giving really sounds like the only option available to you for now. It will be easier for you emotionally if you accept that you probably will have to wait a few years, then decide.

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