I cant stop thinking of them

I had a friend that was my minor mental support and so far its been a year sense i have talked to her. She just disappeared one day and was never heard of again. I know she is alive because her Spotify is still active. I’ve been trying to forget her for a wile now but every time i try something reminds me of her. She had a huge impact on my life and it hurts that she’s gone. the part that hurts the most is that the last thing she told me was, her “You should get some sleep” me “ok ill try” her “Good night and sweet dreams i will talk to you again soon”. I don’t know what to do anymore. I just want to talk to her again.


Hey @anonymous6

Thank you for sharing this here. It sounds like you are feeling pretty abandoned right now. Everything seemed fine and then one day you just stopped hearing from her. What makes it even more difficult is that she was such a helpful mental health support for you. It can be hard to move on when you have talked to and gotten support from someone for so long. I have had people randomly leave my life without any goodbye and it is really hard not having answers. One day they’re in your life and the next they’re not, so I understand that pain.

Know that as painful as it is, some people are only in our lives for a season and that is ok. We got to have the time we did with them. They helped us and we helped them while they were in our lives and that is really wonderful. So maybe she was in your life for a season. Although it is painful and hard to let go right now with so many reminders of her, it will get easier with time. You can only control your actions. You can choose to find support in other ways although I know she was a really great one for you and I’m glad she was able to be! This is a lot to work through for sure, so know that we are here for you. We are here to support you in ways that are most helpful to you.

Hold Fast,


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