I can't take a vacation out of state

It’s been 12 years since I have been at the beach out of my state and as of last year I though I was going, but it fell through and that upsetted me big time now it’s another year and nothings changed and I cant take this no more.


I can hear your anger and the disappointment in your post. It’s really hard to readjust when plans change, especially when they are plans you’ve been looking forward to for such a long time. It really is hard to take.

I hope you can find something else that’s meaningful to you to do in place of going to the beach.

I glad you posted here on The Wall. It’s a good place to put your feelings and get support for what you’re going through. Take care~

I imagine many people can relate to the feeling of being stagnant or stuck. On a personal level, the pandemic has tended to make time meld together, with many plans delayed or deferred. If you are not able to travel out of state, is there a comparable experience in your area that would provide enjoyment to you? Would it be possible to take a virtual visit to your beach destination with Google Earth or similar?

I firmly believe that flowing water and crashing waves have magical healing effects, could you obtain some sand from a hardware or similar store, let it warm up in the sun and get a small water fountain? Combined, it may help give you. Bit if the experience? I don’t have access to one, but maybe you have access to a Virtual reality setup for gaming? See if there’s a game you can play that’s oven based?

I live on an island and for two years we were prohibited from the beach, even the sand, so I understand your frustration. Looked at a lot of YouTube videos of waves crashing to help pass the time.

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