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I cant take much anymore


My health is still keeping me down I’m doing everything the doctors says. If that doesnt make things better my brother wrote me a lengthy text of how I shouldn’t have been born or should just kill myself. I never got along with him he has anger issues all his life and always took it out on me. It’s really hard right now. I have friend that I want to be their for but I’m in a dark place right now but so are they. I know I need to take care of myself before others too. But between everything going on I dont know how to feel or what to do anymore everything I do now feels redundant and pointless . I cant take much more. Love you guys


Hi friend,
I can understand the brother with anger issues maybe not to that extent but in some ways. And I can tell you eventually the relationship should get better. And for wanting to be there for your friend even tho you both are in a dark place I have found that even being near each other without words spoken can be extremely helpful for the both of you. Its helped me a few times. But just knowing that someone you are close with is close to you physically as well as mentally helps. I think that’s why the HS community is so strong and helpful in lifting each other so high.

Stay strong and hold fast friend


Wow. I’m so sorry that your brother is being so toxic and hateful to you. Can you maybe tell him that you don’t want to talk to him or text him when he’s acting so negative? Is it possible to block his number for a while? It’s never easy having a family member treat us with such hate.

I don’t suppose trying to talk to him will help? Would he be willing to listen so you guys can talk about why your relationship is so rocky? I know it’s not always a possible thing.

Just know that you are important and valued. You are cared for. And we are here to listen if you just need a place to vent about what’s going on.

My younger sister has a lot of anger issues too. Plus she’s hard addicted to drugs. It’s easy for her to lose control of her temper and say some regrettable things. So I’ve been there. All growing up we had a rough relationship and didn’t get along well.

So I can relate. You are not alone my friend. :heart:


I’ve blocked his number before he just gets a new number or calls from a friends phone. And he doesnt care how it makes us feel he just does it. We tried to talk to him. And he is a addicted to drugs and alcohol too


That’s hard :frowning:
My little sister has no control of how she treats people when she’s on drugs. So we just have to distance ourselves from her. She’s not very nice to my dad.

I wish I had the answers. Even we don’t know how to handle it sometimes. Sadly. We have just had to tell her that we won’t talk to her when she’s loaded or acting up. And refuse to. There isn’t much else we can do.

She often gets new numbers as she’s never in one place for very long and bounces around a lot.

I’m sorry that you have to deal with that from your brother. Only advice I can give is just to not answer strange numbers that call you and block them as soon as you know it’s him.

I hope it gets better my friend