I cried when you talked about not having hope and

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I cried when you talked about not having hope and I can verify that everything you said is true. I’ve felt hopeless for so long I can’t even remember the last time I had it.

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Sometimes life really bombards us with hurt and with disappointment and we get so used to being in the sink hole that it feels like it’s all life will ever bring.
I think your words resonate with so many people at different points in their life. Some people feel that stuck feeling of hopelessness a little more than others which just really makes it feel like you’re watching others swim past, and you’re stuck in the mud.

I guess sometimes when the sinking sand becomes too dense to attempt to swim we reach out a hand to hold onto another. Holding firm to the supports around us that can at least keep our heads above the sand. Sometimes we need to stop treading the mire to allow someone else or some other people to hold us up for a while

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Hi Friend, Welcome to Heartsupport, at times in our lives, some more than others, we all feel that our situations are beyond improvement, feelings of helplessness that can seriously affect our mental health and these feelings can be triggered by all sorts of things from a huge trauma down to a situation that you just cannot find a solution for. Feeling Hopeless and or Useless has a dramatic effect on your day to day life as most of us will retreat with the attitude of “If I cannot do anything right, I wont do anything” and that makes sense right?? Why on earth do something if you are going to do it wrong? It is such a vicious circle based on a negative thought.
It truly saddens me to think that you cannot recall the last time you felt hope. I do not know your life situation however I can honestly say that you are a worthwhile, valuable and loved human being with whom I would like to share my hope with as I hope that you find some days of happiness and joy ahead of you with lots of hope in them. You deserve that.
Before I go I found a quote for you:
“There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.”
Lisa. X

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I know you mentioned that you’ve had that hopeless feeling for a long time, was there one thing that changed or was it a bunch of things that changed over time? Sometimes when you get stuck in this circle of hopelessness, it’s hard to picture anything else because it could possibly be a “new normal”. It might be helpful to talk to someone or a group of people, because it shouldn’t ever be a normal for us. It might take some work, and a lot of time, but piece by piece that wall of hopelessness can come down.

You’ve got this friend <3

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Oh friend. Sending so much hugs your way today, even if it’s just virtually. It is exhausting to navigate hopelessness, especially when it hits you with the question: “when was the last time I actually felt hope in my life?” - and you realize that you actually don’t remember anymore. It is vertiginous to realize that time has passed and you have kept feeling lost, each day a little more than the one before. It’s like bringing the awareness to having felt like walking into the desert for a significant time without necessarily realizing it. You know that hope and joy exist for you have experienced them, but the more distant they get, the more unreal these memories become, almost like a mirage to keep chasing after.

Hopefully the tears brought a little bit of relief to your heart. It may not offer practical answers, but there is comfort to find in knowing that you are not alone in this desert, friend. At Heartsupport, you have a community seeing your footsteps on the sand and rooting for you. There will be a moment in your life when you will grasp hope and joy again, for it is a possibility and not just an illusion to chase after. Every step you are taking towards finding whole again is for you, which makes each of them absolutely worth it. Could it be with external support from others, inspiration from things or people you like, or finding beauty in little things… you will get there, friend. You will feel in your heart what hope means again. There will be a time when you will look back to today with a bright smile on your face because you’ll see how far you’ve come.

Proud of you for being here today and opening up about this deep experience you’ve been carrying. You are safe sharing here. :heart:


Hi @HeartSupport_Fans,

I can relate to your post about feeling hopeless on some days when I can’t my mental health issues. Hope is the main reason to live and want to accomplish things in your life. If you feel hopeless for so long, you never get out of the obstacle blocking you. You just let negative emotions win over your body & mind. That’s not who you are. I found a good acronym for hope:
H: Having faith
O: Optimism despite the odds
P: Perseverance through pain
E: Everything will work out in the end.


Hello Friend,

As odd as this might sound, I’m glad you had a cry about it. I know for myself, that emotional release of just crying it out can be a bit therapeutic if you will. So I hope that maybe you got to experience that same feeling as well, at the very least.

I’m sorry to hear that you feel hopeless, and that you have been feeling this way for such a long time. From my experience hopelessness caused me to feel very empty, like a shell just going through the motions. Despite feeling this way, I want to commend your strength and your push for continuing on each day. And though it does not feel like it, each day that you make it through is a win.

I hope one day that you can find the hope that you lost, and that things can start to lighten up for you as your days go on. :white_heart: