I did something dumb

Hi, this is Nagi, I… So, Xaii doesn’t take his meds, and today I accidently took them. I thought well, why not try it out, and took the meds his mom gave me instead of spitting it out into the sink. Now I’m getting heart palpatations and it’s strong enough it’s hitting our head and making us dizzy. I feel stupid and scared. Why did I do this… should I just sleep? Why did I think that was a good idea, we agreed to never take medications again, I thought maybe it would help with the depression and now idk what’s happening.

I’m scared…


It will pass. You will be okay. It can be hard to tell whether a medication is causing a problem, or anxiety related to taking it. There must have been some rationale behind your decision to take the meds. Even if you agreed to not take medications in the past, you have the right to change your mind. There is a website, https://www.drugs.com/ that I have used to find out about the efficacy of drugs and possible side effects. It will also tell you when the drugs peak in your system, and how long it takes for them to come out of your system. Knowing that information can be helpful in determining what effect the medications are having on you.

It’s been a long time since I started with an unfamiliar drug, but I usually started with 1/2 or less than 1/2 dose to begin with.

Don’t be scared. You are in control, and the effects of the medication will not persist.

It’s not dumb to try something new. That’s the only way to find out is something will work for you or not.


Hi Nagi
If you haven’t eaten in a while try to eat something ok. Meds always make you feel bad on an empty stomach. Then sleeping the effects off seems like a good idea. Also drink water. Make your body as ok as possible and then take some rest. I hope you will feel better soon after. :slightly_smiling_face:

Btw don’t you know what kind of meds were they?


N: Thanks you two, I didn’t mean to take the meds, but I wanted to see if it helped at all, it was possibly too big of a dose, and when Xaii randomly takes meds when he needs it, he’s careful to measure, I was dumb and I just took it and made an assumption the body would take it well but I ended up having to put myself in a partial sleep like state in order to have the heart beat problem ware off. I was gonna delete this post but you guys already responded.

We don’t like meds, we like to deal with things on our own, since Xaiis whole life was medication after medication. And usually the meds don’t do anything anymore except have bad effects on health. But yea we are okay now. Also thanks for that site link this is going to be extremely helpful.

Also speaking of the medications we have learned it could have an origin to how this system was originally formed. I think Xaii talked about it, but meds are seemingly becoming a trigger for him. He was worried before that it’d seem stupid to have a trauma from medications but apparently it’s a thing.

And yea I ate, though it was the first time for the day. And they were anxiety depression ones.

Glad to hear from you two


The Symptoms I had are under the list of “call doctor immediately”. I feel bad for taking this so impulsively, I could have seriously hurt us.


Hey Nagi,

Could you call whether the emergencies or a Poison Centre? They will directly help you determine if you are in danger or not, based on what you have taken, how much, and your personal informations (age, etc). You don’t have to explain to them what happened and it can remain anonymous - just sharing details about what has been taken and when. They will immediately guide you and tell you what to do.

I know you’ve mentioned your symptoms in the past tense, but better be too careful than not enough in that case, especially if it could give you some peace of mind too.

Let us know your country (state if US) if you need us to refer you some numbers.


Thank you, but it’s alright. Stuff like this happens sometimes. It’s usually with Xaii, but eventually the body gets over it. As a kid he was always in severe pain from meds but never brought to doctor. It usually goes away on its own. Though since this was a med we haven’t taken before I was a little worried bc of how strong the effect it was, seems tho that I handled it efficiently enough. Only thing to worry now is making sure he doesn’t never goes to it on purpose now that we know what it does. Not that he is depressed rn. We actually do just fine without medications, it’s actually when around people he gets depressed and anxious. Which is a problem in itself.


hope you all are feeling back to normal now!

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