I Did What I Was Told and Got Fired For It I'm So Frustrated With My Situation

I haven’t been active here lately because I have been really busy with a tattoo apprenticeship. I have been really happy with it. There are 3 guys at the shop (not going to use any names here) and 2 of them including the owner are christian guys I literally have had nothing to complain about other then the fact that sometimes the shop plays really inappropriate music that glorifies raping woman, killing people, and drug/ gang violence.
At the same time the shop owner dose a lot of ministry for troubled kids to help prevent them from the very life stile the music is promoting in the shop. He openly says that that his wife isn’t ok with the music and that he doesn’t want it around his wife and kids. I have been a good worker at the shop the guys all have told me that I have surprised them that I haven’t made any mistakes at the shop, that things run a lot smoother when I’m there and that my art has been improving a lot quicker then they expected. The only thing that they tell me that I need to work on is being more confrontational and speaking my mind more because there afraid that clients will take advantage of me (I tend to come off as timid or shy).
Last Friday at the shop I was there for close to 10 hours witch isn’t out or the ordinary. For the most part I really enjoy being there but this day the rape culture music was playing whole 10 hours I was there and by the time I left I was so done and angry at the music I was shaking. One of the christian guys at the shop (not the owner) walked me to my car because it was late. He encouraged me to confront the owner about the music because he hated it just as much as I did but the owner wouldn’t listen to him and thought that he might listen to me.
Saturday morning (my day off) I decide to go to the shop to talk to the owner. I respectfully told him how I felt about the music. How as a christian, as a father and as a prevention youth counselor the music he’s promoting in the shop was a double standard and made not only myself but a lot of other people uncomfortable. I got kinda emotional but said my peace and left.
When I came in to work on Monday I was the first one there and he texted me and said I wasn’t need for the day so i went home. This morning he texted me again and said that I wasn’t needed for the day. So I asked him if it was cool if I came in tomorrow and he told me to return my key to the shop because I was no longer needed there.
I’m really frustrated with the situation because I haven’t given the owner or anyone a reason to complain about my work and I got fired for confronting an issue just like everyone was telling me to do. I’m at a loss for what to do next. I really loved everyone I was working with and the clients that I got to no.
I’m not even mad, more then anything I feel sorry for the shop owner and pray the best for him and that God will help him work out the conviction that he’s going though. I would love some advice or encouragement because I’m at such a loss right now.
Is it ok to be frustrated and sad wile at the same time trusting that God has a plan and a purpose for what im going through right now?

Hey there @Loveinflyleaf!

It’s totally okay to feel sad and frustrated at this situation, feeling sad because you loved your job is ok, and feeling sad for the shop owner, as it sounds like he is being a bit of a hypocrite.
Being frustrated about getting fired is perfectly okay too, you took a stand for your morals, and if your boss wasn’t willing to stand for his, and accept the fact that what he was doing is wron, then it’s totally ifne to feel that what, I would too. He fired you because you probably hit a nerve, and he knew you were right about it, and called him out on it.

God does have a plan for you, you may not know what it is, but it’s there. Maybe that encounter with the shop owner will help him to see he was wrong, and God used you to help him. Or maybe God will place you into another job where people need to hear about his love.
Keep praying, stay in the Word of God, maybe just meditate about it, and talk it out with God, whatever helps you.

Whatever it may be, keep fighting! God loves you, and so does everyone else!

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@Loveinflyleaf You did the right thing by speaking the truth to your boss. I am so very proud of you. I know it is hard right now, having been fired from a job you loved. But it is better to have stood up for what’s right than to have stayed there, done nothing, and have had that music negatively impact your heart, soul, and mind. It sounds to me like the owner has some things he needs to deal with himself. The fact that he fired you over you merely telling him your thoughts about his music speaks volumes about him and nothing about you.

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