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I do completely understand having anxiety big time… I used to be on Crystal Meth & Coke…I went completely Cold turkey to get off the drugs cause I completely lost all trust & loyalty within my family & I had to get it back…Well after I went cold turkey I Apparently was sick & didn’t know it…I was put into a coma cause my organs were drowning in fluid…My heart stopped 5 times but I am alive & 7 years sober I keep on going…I do have days I want to say F*** it & relapse but I don’t cause I know I’m stronger than that & you are strong enough for you to stay away from the booze


Congratulations on surviving! Congratulations on staying drug free! Knowing you are strong is knowing reality. I think a lot of the people who fall off the wagon allow the fear of relapse to overwhelm them. Such fear convinces the subconscious that relapse in inevitable.

Thanks for sharing your success with us. The inspiration is very helpful.

What a story! Crazy the journey you’ve been on. And amazing the strength you have to face such difficulties and fight on, stay sober, and keep your “why” in mind. I love this. It’s interesting that getting through those kinds of hardships though - it doesn’t leave you unscathed. You have that lingering, haunting anxiety that’s still part of every day life. Weird fear about your body shutting down without you knowing it, or shadows of relational anxiety from losing your family, or other normal stressors that compound and are hard to perceive or deal with until they surface into a desire to relapse - it’s a lot. It’s pervasive. But I love that you have found this foundational strength to weather those storms and stay healthy. Really cool.

@heartsupportwall5 thank you…BTW over a course of time I finally rebuilt the trust in my family…so now me & my mom & sister are very close…Unfortunately my brother committed suicide :broken_heart:

Wow - so powerful that you reconciled with them. Isn’t it beautiful that redemption is real? So sorry to hear about your brother - that is tragic :confused: