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I don’t know how to deal with everything (work, school, living, financial)

I’m very stressed about moving all of my stuff out and cleaning after myself to move out of my current place in time, I haven’t found a new place to go yet, my manager needs me to work the week I start school but I can’t find any information on how my classes are set up and I don’t know what’s going on with that especially since I didn’t properly complete my classes last semester I think failed almost all of them due to failing to complete certain projects.
I don’t even know who I can ask for help
Also I’m scared of my teachers because they think I’m lazy because I do poorly in school and I’m scared to talk to them because I think they hate me and I’m not supposed to be there. My room is in such bad shape I have no idea how to deal with my stuff There’s gross grime and I have hoarder levels of random things I’m scared to throw out because they could be useful in the future. I have a big bed that I need to remove and I don’t know how I’m going to move it and where to put it… I want to sell it but no luck yet

My manager at work told me I need to work on days I’ll probably need to attend remote lectures because my coworker will be out of town. I feel like I’m already asking for way too much by asking for one day off so I can move out.

I’m really terrified that I’ll fail school, have no money and no place to live, be fined by my landlord, and everyday I’m scared I’ll get evicted without any of my belongings or I’ll get in trouble especially for being so dirty.

I feel so alone and I don’t know who I can reach out to for help. I don’t know how to deal with everything.


Hello there, and welcome to the forum! It really sounds like you have a lot going on right now… taking the time to share your struggles is a healthy step. We are here to listen and help! I’m not sure where you live exactly? But if you live within the United States, I might be able to console you a bit regarding evictions (there is currently an abundance of financial services and extensions- given the virus)
Also most u.s. schools (not sure if you are referring to college?) But most college campuses have counselors you are able to call and clarify any inquiries.

I know things are tough, but just take it one step at a time! Sending well wishes



I know your father and your aunts, grandfather, step mother and cousins will always be there for you. Just reach out and we will be there.

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