I don’t know what i’m supposed to do

this sucks, i’m almost crying.
my friend keeps telling me he wants to kill himself and i just don’t know what to do. he doesn’t want the help i try to give him either. why does this always happen when i feel so, so bad myself and can barely keep myself alive? why does he always text about this when i hit rock bottom all over again? i’m not blaming him, he doesn’t know that I feel shitty but still, i hate this.


Hey! I am really sorry you are struggling! And that your friend is also in a dark place at the moment. Life can be so hard and it sounds like you yourself are having a really hard time and that your friends issues are weighing you down further. Have you considered telling someone safe and trusted about your friend and his plans to end his life? I think it would be good to share the load, ease the burden off you. I am here if you need to talk :heart:

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I wish there was someone. His family is out of question, considering they are a huge part of his reasoning. And we do not live that close so I don’t really know the people around him either.

I do feel a lot better at the moment though, since some stuff I ordered came in and it gave me a huge confidence boost :))

Ok, I’m sorry that your friends family are not helping at the moment. Everyone deserves help. So do you. I hope you find some way to relieve your pain in a healthy way. Maybe finding an activity you enjoy doing as a short distraction?

you crying is a response is okay to have… sry and i feel ya… dont know what ur supposed to do… jits healty to to feel for others… to live in thier shoes for just a moment… dont stay there…but its healthy to say this sucks

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