I don’t know what to do with my life

I was discharged from the army for my medical injuries, have been home for a month. I’m a manager at a Walmart now, but I’m homeless. Just ended a two year on and off relationship. I work 100+ hours a week and am homeless. Have been denied at apartments for, “unstable residency” as you can imagine being in the army you move around a bit. I dropped out of high school and have done nothing but everything I could for everyone I know and was willing to give my life to protect someone I’ve never met. I’ve gone from homeless and lazy to being a soldier to being homeless fighting for my sanity. I just don’t know what to do anymore.

@dampbread hey friend. I am sorry to hear about your situation… I kinda relate. I am staying in a DV shelter from a family member. Ive been here about a month. I know I need to work and I am and I’m getting lots of hours also. Even tho I’m part time. The shelter is going to help me with housing. Its a plus that I have a job. This makes me more able to get it. If you are staying in a car or with a friend or on street, may I suggest you go to a shelter? If you can of course. They will help you. You get meals a clean shower, resources. They have womens shelter and they have them for both genders too.

You are strong. I promise you the only way from the bottom is up!!

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