I don’t know what to think of it

Yesterday i went out with one of my mom male friends He said if i was at of age he would date me which my moms male friend is 58, he was also talking sexual with me which i don’t know even if that is ok for saying i am a minor.i’m really uncomfortable and i don’t know if i should tell anyone i trust irl about it.


Hi Horselover200246

I understand your concerns. Some old people can give compliments that can make you uncomfortable. Some old people are kind of sleazy. Where I live many people that are now 60 married when they were 18 or 19 so this is where it might come from. I am not trying to justify what they have said, I just think they they might not be an all out creep. They grew up in a different time. However I would talk to your mum and maybe even him about that and that it makes you uncomfortable. If it continues I would get worried and consult things with your mum or whomever you trust. I hope its nothing serious but one must be careful.

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That is surely shady in its own way, because somehow he implies that even if your are underage, he sees in you a potential attraction already. I don’t know that person of course nor what’s on his mind, but based on what you describe it is still something inappropriate to say. If I had a child and a 58 yrs old friend of mine said that to them, I would politely explain to them while we won’t see each other anymore and why that comment was off limits.

It is completely valid to feel uncomfortable because of that comment. Your guts are not betraying you - you didn’t ask to be objectified in some way. These comments can hurt, even if they come from a place of just complimenting someone or genuine naivety.

It is okay to talk about this to someone IRL. Don’t stay alone with that discomfort, especially if there will be other times in the future when you might see this person again.

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Tell your mother because that is completely inappropriate.

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tell someone.

never keep these inappropriate incidents secret. Even if people get upset about it, that’s not your fault or responsibility. No 58-yo old person is supposed to be saying anything sexual to a child!

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