I don’t know what to think or do

This has taken a lot of energy to write and get this out. So back in the beginning of the week I met with a friend and he brought a few of his friends with him they all had a few drinks. One of them started to get touchy. I told them to back off and leave me alone a few times and they didn’t. I feel so violated because I was touched by someone I didn’t even know. I just feel violated and lost during this all right now.


Thank you for sharing. I know it took a lot out of you just to get this out there, so I just want you to know how much I respect you and that I’m here for you. You do not deserve to be touched if you tell them not to, you deserve to have your space respected. Are you still friends with this person? Have you spoken to them about this?

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Hey friend

Thank you for sharing this with us. I can only imagine how exhausting this must have been to type out, but I promise we will keep it safe and respect your hurt. You are safe here. sharing this with us shows a lot of bravery and courage.

I’m not sure what you’re feeling because I’m not in your shoes. But, I do have experience in that area. My wife was sexually assaulted as well and I understand the pain and insecurity that brings. You are not dirty, unworthy, or at fault. This was not your fault and you need to shed whatever shame you feel, because it is not your fault. You are clean and whole…but I know it may not feel like it. Hold fast friend, we love you and value you.

Hold fast!

Sam S.


I am so sorry that you had that experience :disappointed_relieved: Thank you for sharing this and being open because that’s not easy to do. It is not your fault and I hope that you do not blame yourself in any way for someone else’s actions. We are here for you if you need to express more of how it is affecting you or making you feel and there are also professionals who can help you navigate the effects of this. I hope that you can continue to reach out and heal from this