I don’t know where to go

I am not on speaking terms with my family right now and it hurts a lot. I do love them but until they can support me or at least not judge me and let me make my own decisions this is how it has to be, but iv cried lots cause I’m going through a lot that would be nice to have them. It has been nice to have my boyfriends family kinda take over the parent role for me. I am a Christian but my parents are to strict with go by the bible. I am pregnant and my parents don’t know. My life of going so well but just hard cause money is short and my family situation. I’m not sure why I’m writing this…I just need to rant and I need support as I don’t have a lot right now. I feel like a horrible person (daughter, girlfriend and soon to be horrible mom) Im trying to look on the bright side but it’s getting to the part I can barley fake it anymore. I don’t know where to go anymore or what to think

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Hi Madi.

It must be hard to be disassociated with your family when you are pregnant and have things going on. But I’m glad that you seemingly have found a closeness with your boyfriends parents.

I have no association with my family either. So I know how hard it can be at times. Especially when you could use the emotional support.

Like you, my partners parents have filled the role where my own parents have not. They are patient, kind and understanding.

Sometimes we have to create family in our friends and in people that we build a support system out of. We can’t control who is our blood family but we can control who we make our family through closeness in the relationships we build with others.

I hope that your family grows to learn to accept you as you are so that you guys can rekindle your relationships.

You are loved and valued here. Always welcome to rant and talk about what’s on your mind. You are not alone

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Hi @Madi2001,

Being away from your parents can be difficult and what you’re feeling is absolutely understandable. It also sounds that taking a step back from them was necessary in order to protect yourself, which is important and very brave of you.

I don’t regularly talk to my parents either, on purpose. They tend to have a toxic influence and a judging attitude about almost everything, which makes me feel like I’m nothing. It’s really hard when you have to argue about life choices but it’s also impossible to please everyone. So, I’m really glad to know that your boyfriends family is supportive. It is a precious resource that you have by your side.

It’s okay to rant… We all need do to it sometimes. And you’re absolutely not a horrible person. I sincerely hope that your parents will learn to see things differently over time. But until then, you’re going to be a wonderful mom. :heart:

It’s okay to feel a bit isolated because you miss your parents. But you also have a family with your boyfriend, his parents, and this community is here for you too. You are not alone.

Sending much love to you. :heart:

Thank you :heart: That means a lot

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@Micro thank you. How you feel with your parents is how I feel with mine. I don’t have anyone to rant to so it’s nice to come here and be me

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