I don’t know why I say words I say

Well I guesss I scream at my mother say that Covid is fake. I was in Quincy to try a new skate park and could not find place to find a bathroom. I exposed speeding on the street and flipping people off. I yell at other person while driving. I even thinking voting for trump. I don’t what to believe anymore.

To be honest I was being selfish, I wanted go to the bathroom and just lost my shit for third time this week.

I know what saying bullshit, but again I don’t why I say things I don’t mean.

Obamacare screw me over with health insurance, I can’t get DBT therapy or have a regular doctor. Sooner or later I might take my life. I’m tired this pain and being this person.

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Hey @Metalskater1990, just a reminder: you’re not a bad person. Despite these urges of saying things you don’t really mean. I know you posted several messages recently, so I hope you’re doing well. Hope you manage to get some rest despite what seemed to be quite of an emotional turmoil.

Always here if you need to discuss. Your vulnerability is very appreciated. Thank you for sharing. :heart: