I Don’t Need Help Anymore

I’m just a selfish, stupid brat. My mom already got it into my head. Well, if punching and beating counts. I’m fine. It only hurt a little I guess. I deserved it. I don’t need to talk here anymore. No one cared about me anyways. She even got into my head that I’m useless in this family. I can just be a punching bag now for my mom if I wasn’t already.

Don’t ever let anyone hit you.

You mother may have said you are stupid and useless. But she is stupid for hitting her child. I used to be hit by my mom when she was on meds. I was 6 the last time she hit me. She died before I could stand up for myself.
Never, ever let anyone tell you you are useless or a punching bag. You are someone and deserve better. If you think you have no one, just talk to friends. But if you can’t talk to them about this, I understand. Talk here, talk to me even. I refuse to let someone call themselves a punching bag for their parent. You are a person, a human being. Please see yourself as that. You are loved by someone, even if that someone has past, remember their love. You deserve that feeling again, don’t let your mother beat it out of you. You are somebody’s world. Get help from someone about your mother. A parent should only love their child, not hit them. You are cared about here, never forget that.

Hang in there,

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You are not selfish , you are not a brat .
You are you , and you aRe human .
Hitting and punching isn’t okay and you are not useless. You have a purpose . For what your mom did to you , it wasn’t okay . Just know you are loved no matter what . Hold fast !

Thank you. I can’t talk to friends since the last time my mom beat me she literally did it with my phone and broke it internally. And I have felt the feeling of love before but it was only in abusive relationships and my currently very distant relationship. I know the only way to stop this situation but I’m worried about too many things happening since I already mess everything up.

You’re not alone. No matter how much everything sucks, you’re not alone. You mean something, you’re worth the world. We’re here for you. Just remember not to bottle things up, that makes the pain worse. I hope there is someone around you that you can trust, like a family member or a techer. But if you’re really too scared to tell anyone, I know it may sound ridiculous, but leave hits for people about whats happening. Let soneone near you know so you can get help. You deserve so much more.


I don’t like telling people irl about my problems. Then I’d cry and I wouldn’t be able to hide it.