I don’t really want to be here anymore

From kitkatwrites: my friends are depressed and I don’t think I’m helping them enough. I feel that I am just a burden on my family. I’m so tired. I do not believe I do enough good.

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From kitkatwrites: I have a good life. Everyone here has sadder stories. But I just want to give up. I want a wife and child but I don’t know if I will make it. And yet I don’t even know why. I just don’t think I’m good enough, that I’m deserving of love.

From kitkatwrites: can anyone help me?======

Hey Kitkat,

I am so proud of you for reaching out to us! I am sorry you have had to wait for an answer.
If your friends are depressed, that is hard on you as a friend. The fact that you still try to be there is showing what a wonderful person you are. I have been depressed for a long time and even a text message with only a heart felt like the biggest support in the world to me. I think you are doing great just being there for your friends.

Comparing your own story and feelings to those of others is not giving credit to the unique person that you are. We all need love, support and the feeling that we belong somehow and we can all only look into our own hearts to see what is needed for that.
I personally believe that for those looking for a partner there is someone out there. It might take some time looking and it sure takes some courage opening up your heart. But in the end it will work out. I am happy to know you. And you might not believe me right now but please know that you are valuable. And that you matter :heart:

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You are not alone in your feelings and they are legitimate. I have those same thoughts, I see all the happy couples around me and all my friends are married, yet I have no one. It sucks, I understand how you are feeling. I do know that doesn’t mean you arent good enough or unlovable, that just means that you havent met your forever, you havent settled just because you feel alone. Don’t give up, that person is out there. Keep being true to yourself and the perfect person will find you.

With love

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Hey, it hurts me to see you going through something like that…

Life is not fair, trust me i know. Things fall apart, the people you depend on for support dont support you, and you are left to fight your demons on your own, but i want to tell you this…

No battle is waged forever… there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, keep fighting and keep your head held high, im going through a tough time myself, but we are in this together… dont ever think you are a burden, you are NOT a burden, you are loved and you are worth it! Dont ever give up on yourself! You got this!

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It’s so hard to compare with others when we are in the midst of hurt. Sometimes our minds tell us that our hurt should be minimised because there are other people who are hurting. Your feelings are valid and it’s okay to feel hurt and lost. It does not have any less importance because of what others are going through.
You are welcome to share what you need to share and I promise that you are not a burden. You are here to be seen and heard and to be loved on.

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hey friend,

thank you for reaching out and opening up about what weighs heavy on your heart. you are not a burden and you deserve unconditional love, support, and to be heard. that’s a fact. your post, your thoughts, and your emotions are all important. you are deserving of love - to be loved and to love. i can feel the weight on your shoulders and i’m so sorry you’re having to persevere through this storm. please know you aren’t alone. you’ve got the heartsupport community cheering you through, even our kitboga community’s got your back. it’s easy to just give up, lie down, and let the storm continue on but i know you’ve got the strength, courage, and passion to keep fighting forward. allow yourself the grace and patience to have calmer days but know that a brighter tomorrow is on your horizon. i believe in you fully. you’re loved, valued, and not alone.


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hi there,

we hear you! we are here for you! and you are important and not a burden!

i want you to know that your story and your feelings are important and should not be discredited. i understand wanting to help others but having an even harder time with helping yourself. i know that you are doing all you can and i think that is enough. it is also important to make sure to take some time for yourself and give yourself grace. you are loved and you are deserving of it and you are INSANELY appreciated. we are here for you if you need anything and i hope that you understand how valuable you are. there is a light at the end of the tunnel :slight_smile:
best wishes,

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Kitkat, I’m so sorry to hear you’re going through this. I’ve felt like a burden on my friends and family before as well. You are absolutely not alone. You absolutely deserve love and your life means so much. You are awesome for sharing and opening up. Thanks for caring on. There’s always love and support for you here.

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