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I don’t think that my „friends” really like me

Hello, it has been a long time since I was last time here, but I’m back, because I feel like I have no one to talk to. Today was one of the most horrible days since vacations started and I can’t even cry, because I’m with my parents in small hotel in small apartment, and there is no płace to hide. Today I probably found out, that half of my friends don’t really like me; I don’t have much friends, I have trust issues and I’m afraid of people. Also I have really fucked up personality. It all started because of some stupid post on Fb, where some chick was making fun of people who are listening to „some” music. I screenshoted it and sent to my friends. One said it’s true and I asked why and then we started to argue. At the end I started to cry, because he said some harsh things (he knew that it’s going to hurt me) and bullied me for what I was doing in the past again. Again, because he was doing it for the past three years, but today it was the worst. After that I talked to another friend of mine and she said „who gives a fuck” about this post I sent then I say, that I do ( I don’t want to, but it is what it is) but I mostly care about comments, where another friend of mine said that it’s true too. She asked „why?” and I said that I was bullied for what music I am listening and now I’m too sensitive about this topic, and every hateful comment is hard for me. I am always very nervous when I’m talking about my past so I used a lot „hahaha” or „yeah” or „that was so funny let’s laugh together” and „ahaha i think i should sleep yea”. She didn’t respond so I started to say more hurtful things from the past and she just said „shouldn’t you sleeping? goodnight.” And I was like… oh. That… hurted.


hi !

For what I have read I think that you and your friends need to talk and you have to tell them how you have been feeling lately, you know the only way to make thing right is to have a conversation. If because of that they stop talking to you or they get angry, maybe they werent your friends at all.

And you have to remember that when we talk to people using messages, is not the same like having a face to face, people maybe they dont know that they words are hurtfull or there can be so many missunderstanding, remember that.

I know that when you have trust issues is hard to have relationship but I think that you could use this situation to take a breath of social media and to stop thinking about the possible problem you have with your friends and you start to do what you like to do or to make a list of what are your strong points or something like that, to help you to have self confident. Because you know when you love yourself, things can go better.

I am proud of you for making this post​:hugs: Know that we are here for you :hugs: Hang On!

Take care :hugs:


Music can be like politics, to be honest I’m music asahole speak his mind. However, at the end music is meant to enjoy and not make big deal about. I had judge me for liking Metalcore, can’t help I really like that gerne. We have high emotions when come to music and it can’t be blow out of portions.

It has been hard for me honestly Metal scene I feel like is very judge and lame we all outsider and just get along cause like the same music. Sadly people find conflict with each other.

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Thank you so much. That… helped me a lot, thank you :heart: