I Don’t Understand

I was fine yesterday. I’m not crying today. Why am I so scared? I’m at home. I’m supposed to be safe? I think. I don’t know anymore. I’m scared. I’m overthinking. I’m thinking about everything. Why am I thinking about everything? Why does my heart hurt? Physically it hurts and my throat hurts. It feels dry. My breath feels hot. I’m scared. This is weird. I don’t like this. I don’t want this to happen to me. Why am I scared? Why am I being weak again? Being scared for no reason? Who does that? That’s weird. I’m weird. I’m acting weird. I’m shaking. I feel impatient even though I don’t know what I’m thinking of anymore. What am I waiting for? Why am I scared. I’m speaking more gibberish why why

Hey there friend, just take a deep breath.
Keep focusing on taking in deep breaths, everythings gonna be alright. Drink water. You’re okay. I don’t know your situation or what’s going on right now. But whatever it is, it’s gonna be okay. We all overthink. But i want you to know that everything will be alright.
here are a couple songs to help you :slight_smile: <3

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Thank you for trying to help me. I appreciate it and I’ll listen to the songs.