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I don’t want do my second job anymore

Me being a self center person and want to have people tell I did nothing wrong. My co worker from my second as me to come in today. But I had boxing class and told her I was busy.

This the thing, this second pay kinda shitty, it a lot kinda overwork, selfish I don’t like getting up at 6am( unless it my main job which working as janitor at schools). Last year, I had really struggle with self harm and need to go to rehab. But my parent would not let because of this job( at the time it was my only job) also it me and my co worker with no one else. When I got injury she was by herself, without anyone to help her. Cause they can never find anyone to cover me and it always alittle bit of drama.

However, when I got out of rehab, they did not give me my job back. I was left without a job for a mouth and they kept kicking me around. I feel I don’t work at place that treat me like that and be trap in that work environment.

My co works did a lot for me and I can’t thank her enough. But she try to control, make feel guilt about taking vacation, telling me to stop skateboarding and forcing me to go medication. I just don’t like working with her and kinda don’t like as a person. I know that fuck up thing to say, but that how I feel.

Overall, I feel that I have my main until the fall at least, where I rather look for an second job that befit me more and I can have a flexible sechule. If I go back to that second job, it kinda make feel suicidal.

I’m shitty person for not working, but that how I feel.


I wouldn’t necessarily say you’re being selfish. (I don’t like being up at six am either, unless I was up all night to get to that time. :hrtcaseyshrug:) It’s hard to do one job, much less a second job. And it sounds like maybe this isn’t the best job for you, so it’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to do it. And it sounds like even though your coworker is trying to help, she’s only making it worse for you. It’s really none of her business whether or not you’re on meds. I don’t know what she’s like and I don’t know how comfortable you are with her, but it might help her to understand where you’re coming from. But only if you’re comfortable with that. Like I said, it’s really none of her business.

It’s not selfish to not want to do a job if it causes mental or physical stress. It’s your body and your brain telling you to do something else. And at least with the skateboarding, you have something to do to help relieve the stress. It’s not selfish to take time off of work if you need it. I know sometimes it’s hard to do if you need money, but it still doesn’t make it selfish.

I hope you can figure something out to help you make it through this situation.

I don’t think you are a bad person or are selfish at all. I can only imagine how stressful two jobs are. I know personally as someone who struggles with depression & anxiety, if I do not get my downtimes things get a lot worse. So it is important for you to have that balance between work & boxing, skateboarding and whatever else you do that makes you happy. If they do not treat you well that’s another reason to get rid of the second job. You can only pull yourself in so many directions. Hang in there & be kind to yourself.

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