I don’t want to anymore

I understand that not everyone can understand mental health, and that it can be difficult if you are just fortunate enough to never have had issues with that, and I am happy for you if that is the case, but why is it so hard to understand that my reality just looks different than yours?

I am sorry, I am just ranting here I guess…

I am not asking to be understood or perfectly supported by everyone, I do not even ask for advice or pity or whatever, all I want it for people to understand that my brain works differently, and not like theirs.

People who tell me things like „you just need to pray more“, „trust God, He is by your side“, „just choose joy“, „you need to relax and meet some new people“, or „it is all Justin your head, you‘ll get over it“, make me so incredibly angry, and intensely sad.

Why is it so hard to accept that a mental illness is just like every other illness?
Why do I have to justify that I feel terrible and need help, just because the problem literally is in my head?

I do not want to deal with people like that anymore. I do not want to have to explain myself one more time. I do not want to be stuck between people who think they know what’s wrong with me.
I don’t want to anymore.



I’m like this too. You have the right to be angry. I just wanted to let you know that this community loves you and God loves you. I hope you are staying safe, and thank you for sharing your struggle. Goodnight.


I know how you feel in terms of wanting to express yourself and others just not understanding or even try to empathize by putting themselves in your shoes. I know this game to well. I always try to understand someone no matter how little the problem may be despite it not being reciprocated.
I’ve learned that it helps talking to people who understand. People on heart support and discord are super supportive. Even those who dont understand I still choose to take the higher road and still empathize for others. The energy i put out there regardless if they dont do it back usually comes back in some positive form.